10 December, 2018 12:19

Dreaming…I had a dream last night. I’m not sure where it came from, but this one stuck with me, in full detail. That part is a little unusual.

In the dream, I was at a friends house. A friend I don’t know well. Our kids went to school together for a time. I’ll use her initial, TM.
TM was showing me her office space. she had raised the ceiling in a small space and covered everything in green stretchy cloth covers. They had a bit of red and yellow accent. Think 80’s decor. There was a large tube TV, completely out of place in its location, covered in the cloth as well.
We were then in her living room. It was big and comfy, with a long corner sectional couch. Her son was there but seemed shy and timid, younger than I knew he was. I didn’t actually see him in the dream, although I remember reassuring him later. He seemed to be on a section the couch that was out of my field of vision.
There was a large, loud crack of sound, like thunder after lightening that landed way too close for comfort. It was LOUD! The kind of sound that wakes you abruptly from sleep when a storm arrives in the night. I rushed to a glass door next to the couch and looked up at the sky, thinking a storm had snuck in as we talked, but although the sky was filled with clouds, they were high and shredded, with bits of blue peeking through. Not storm clouds at all. I remember being confused at this, wondering if a transformer close by had blown, but something in me knew it was from the sky.
Something bigger had split the air, I could feel it.
TM’s son was afraid, I remember comforting him at this point, my ineffective words were something like, "hey, it’s ok, it’s only a storm". But my words trailed off as I looked back out the door.
The area outside the door was a long empty field, rising to a hill that was wire fence along the top. I heard a person cry out, "The animals are coming, they are all running away!!" I don’t know who’s the voice was. In the dream, it felt like it was outside, but at the same time, standing right next to me.
This is where it gets a bit stranger. Over the crest of the hill, horses came. They came fast and hard, running through and over the fence. Some were tangled and fell, struggling through. My first thought, though I only saw horses at first, was "All of the animals?". My next thought was that the animals, in their haste to get through the wire fence, were going to be shredded by the barbed wire. My heart hurt as they struggled and pushed through, continuing with all haste. I saw other animals. As I try to remember now, I imagine a lion and birds, lots of birds. I remember thinking how odd it was to see these animals together, but I really can’t remember specifically what animals they were, other than the horses. Instead of seeing and remembering, I feel an imprint of those animals, as if I did not really see them yet, but somehow had a wider vision, and could see them coming, all different types of animals but somehow past my field of vision.
This all happened in a flash. It’s taken much longer to write than actually happen in my dream. This next part though…It’s the hardest, scariest part.

Have you ever seen a truly frightened horse? One running from storm or fire? The horses were running, left to right across my field of vision, through the fence. They were frightened madness. Everything was fleeing something big.
The horses were pushing through in a bunch, beside and on top of each other, desperate to get through. The third or fourth horse through turned and ran straight towards me, her face was suddenly all I could see. She was dun-colored with black mane and tail, as were most of them. She had long eyelashes, really long, almost cartoonish. Her face looked stern, but not mad with fright. She looked directly into my eyes from across the field, the only horse running straight towards me. The distance seemed to close instantly, although she was still far across the field, we seemed only feet apart when she spoke in a strong clear commanding voice. "Eden has come".

Then she was running with the other horses and was gone.

I remember feeling confusion then. I did not know what to do. I was frightened. It seemed this would be the end, the apocalypse, but it wasn’t going to be what anyone thought it was. I realized I was far from home. I did not have any weapons for defense and would not see my family again. I sat on the couch in that room. The tan loosely woven curtains were drawn. I wanted to see out, to look out, but I was so afraid to see or be seen.
In the dream, I was confused about Eden. I thought Eden was a good place, a garden. Wasnt it supposed to be ‘God has come’ or something like that? Somehow, with dawning horror, I realized that the place called ‘Garden of Eden’ was more than a garden in a place called Eden, but it was Eden’s Garden and Eden had returned. I was sitting on the couch, frightened and alone, wanting to look out, but scared to do so when I abruptly woke from sleep. I calmed myself for a moment. My first action was to grab my phone and check the radar to see if there was a storm, if real life had prompted the thunder in my dream, but it was clear, not a cloud in the sky.

I have no knowledge past this. I don’t know who/what Eden is, but in my dream, "Eden has come!", and the animals were afraid.

I felt compelled to write this down and share it.


Why do people wait to expose attackers

1. Still not brave enough to face your attacker.

2. Fear of being dismissed.

3. Thinking a he said/she said will have the same result as it did all those years ago.

4. Self esteem destroyed by attacker.

5. Fear that others that you love will defend attacker, not you.

6. Thinking it was somehow your fault to start with.


So I signed up at Clay Madsen because they have a nice pool and I want to do some swimming so that I can do some small triathlons this summer. Since I can’t walk right now I went to the gym tonight and swim 400 yards.

Now I know 400 yards it’s nothing to most of you, but it’s a start and I feel better getting out and doing something!

What do you mean broken!?!

So the tendonitis in my left foot turned out to be a stress fracture.

I went to get my hip injections for bursitis that I get every 3 or 4 months and I asked him the doctor if he would inject my foot because I couldn’t get past the tendonitis causing a lot of pain and I have a marathon in 2 weeks, he asked if he could x-ray it. At first I told him no but he convinced me it was the right thing to do so the X-ray we went.

Stress fracture. I have two weeks in the boot and 9 days until Austin marathon. My spouse asked me to change the full to 1/2 and the doctor said that I could attempt to walk it and pain would be my gide.

Groin, Pelvic and Thigh Pain

The Wellness Digest Adductor Magnus Muscle: Groin, Pelvic and Thigh Pain

The adductor magnus muscle contributes to pain down the front and inside of the thigh.
I share this picture because it describes best the recent pain I have been having. This link gives you a lot of info about it.

Holy Moly, this site has exactly what I needed! I’m glad I found the info here, I was trying to imagine the doctor visit. “Doc, I don’t know what I’ve done, but it hurts HERE!” The gesturing alone would be a complete embarrassment, lol!

I have been working my marathon training program since August, but due to muscle atrophy, I’m a very slow study. I’m putting in the work with 20-25 miles a week walking/running, but it’s slow hard work.

One of my greatest deficiencies are hills. I can keep up with my walking group on the downhill and flat, but the hills slow me to a crawl every time. To help improve, I have added stairs to my daily rituals. We have a single flight in my office building so I started this week climbing them many times a day. I noticed a few days ago my thighs were getting really sore. I didn’t think much of it, something always huts on my body, until this morning my groin was sore too. After a little searching, The Wellness Digest helped me figure it out!

So, I’m going to try these YouTube solutions to strengthening my Adductor Magnus!!!

How to rehab your adductor magnus

How to stretch your adductor magnus

I also realized I felt more comfortable walking in my leggings this week. It’s because compression they provide help to support the adductor magnus.

I am going to be pushing this pretty hard, as I only have 3 weeks training left before the taper!


Catching Up – Training Nutrition Plan

Time to play catch-up on my posting.

Holidays were good with great family and wonderful friends!

Got off Keto a bit, but back on now!

The races are getting closer. I am walk/running every day now. At least 2 miles, at most 6 during the week. Weekend training still with USA Fit Walking Program and still loving it!
I started a Streak on January 3rd to walk/run every day without fail.

The streak is alive!!

Trying to figure out nutrition for the long hall. We are talking 7 hours on the road on race day! Keto athletes insist I only need to trickle carbs during the race, so I am going to try that this weekend for my 14-mile training run.

They have recommended Ucan before the race. (Ucan is expensive, so I am trying a homemade recipe I found on the net. Claire at The Planted Runner posted a recipe I’m going to try instead of the UCan. I’m calling it FauxCan)


This is my current plan:

  • Normal Keto meals Thursday or Friday.
  • Normal BPC on the way to the meeting-up area.
  • For this weekends 14 miler, I’m mixing one pre-run FauxCan and one for 2 hours in. The run should be no more than 4 hours or faster. I’m also making deluded electrolyte (Nuun) for my Hydration pack instead of water. (2 Nuun in 2 liters)
  • I will pack a few Quest Hero bars for “food”
  • The last hat trick (and the strangest to me) is Smarties. Bought a bag this morning.
  • Advice from another keto runner, Pack Gels just in case. (Thanks Sharon!)


Marathon Race Day:

  • Normal Keto meals Friday and Saturday.
  • Normal BPC on the way to the meet-up area.
  • Sunday morning drink – FauxCan. For the race, I’m mixing 3 bottles. One pre-race, one 2.5 hours in, one 5 hours in. (If you have any feedback on this, please speak up!)
  • Quest Hero bars for “food”
  • Smarties.
  • Roctane for the second half.

I think this concludes food prep for long runs and race day.


11 December, 2017 15:19

Be somebody nobody thought you could be! – Unknown

THIS is when the training starts! Chrissie Wellington

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.”– Ross Perot