So far, very promising results

I have had one Migraine since I started the prophylactic, and that was the first day.

I am having a little dizziness, and quite a lot of spaciness. Is it Excedrin withdrawal, the new meds? the steroids? I have no idea. Just working through the steroids and waiting to see how I feel after that.

Blood pressure is well controlled, so no worries there!

There have been many headaches, but they never last long, or get intense. Many times where I would have reached for Excedrin, Motrin or Tylenol, but don’t.

A great side effect of all of this are much more routine bathroom habits, daily in fact. Not sure which drug, or lack of drug is causing that either.

Great day to you all!


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Sadly, they will do anything to get u to eat crap!

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Getting it under control

I finally saw a nuerologist yesterday. Ireally liked him, smart, informative and well informed, he was easy to work with. We have laid out a gameplan to take control and hopefully prevent the migraines.

So, today is day one!

I start steroids today, along with magnesium suppliments and a preventative drug. I checked everything out, and am most concerned about the steroids. I have to be very aware of my reactions to keep from eating everything in the house, and to not get grumpy.
He also started me on and imitrex type drug, with hopefully fewer side effects, for the migraines that do happen.

He me give up Motrin, Tyenol and Excedrine.

Wish me luck. He warned me that the first month would be brutal.


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Showing progress!

Look, its starting to come off!!

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Step goal, crushed!!

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I keep meaning to get things done, but I’m a bit of a procrastinator.
Now, two things I constantly get behind on are CEU’s and balancing my checkbook.

So, I am setting aside lunch hour every day to balance checkbook, and twice a week, do a class online for CEU’s. I balanced the checkbook yesterday and today, and did a class today.

Normally, this time would be spent working, as I often work through lunch, or burned up by facebook. I am limiting myself on facebook time. I have long know it was a time suck, just didn’t realize how much time I waste on it. I am also trying not to work through lunches. I need the time to get my own things doen. Somedays, i just have to, but, it doesn’t need to be the norm, right?

Have a wonderful evening!


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The chart doesn’t lie.

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