9 days 8 hours 34 minutes


A quick update…I can’t say this is easy, cause it’s not, but I’m getting there one hour at a time.

Tip of the day:

Don’t flirt with cigarettes! What does that mean?

Don’t handle them.

Don’t purchase them for your spouse.

Don’t play with your lighter.

If you smell cigarette smoke, breathe through your mouth till you can get away from it.

Do not inhale it, or savor the smell.

Do NOT flirt..stay faithful to your quit and turn away from all temptations!


Have a great day!


Funny Story

Hi All!

As this blog develops, I want it to be about what is happening right now. A place to vent when I’m mad, or share when something cracks me up. Today I received an email from an old friend that really cracked me up, so I wanted to share, and maybe even make you smile a little!

True Story

ok, so i’ve had this totally jacked-up tooth for awhile and the soonest i can see the dentist is this coming friday.  so i’ve been in this funk.  and my tooth and gums have too.  and we’ve only got this mouthwash that does not have the word “antiseptic” printed on the label.  so today i say to katie, my wife: ” the next time you go to the store will you buy some antiseptic mouth wash for me?”  which is my way of saying that i really want it now.  and she knows that.
so she says she’s going to look to see if we have some.  at which point i belabor the emphasis i put on the word “antiseptic” and how the only mouthwash we had “was not antiseptic”.  at which point she re-stated that she understood what i had said but that she was still going to look for what we might have.  at which point i should have kept my mouth shut.  but i did not. 
i’ll skip the next part.  suffice it to say that it was a good thing that i had a certifiable ailment or else you-know-what…
so she came back with some bottle of prescription liquid.  she said it was what micheal had when he was in the army and they had done some work on his teeth.  she said—and i quote—“i think this is antiseptic”.  end quote.
so i put on my glasses and skimmed over the label: “fort myers…sgt. micheal…viscous…gargle 1 tablespoon…”  and a bunch of words that ended in “_caine” and “_ene”.  ascribing to my lifelong belief in double-dosing-so-you-get-better-faster, i decided that a big ol’ swig of this stuff would be just the thing.  and keep it in my mouth for a real, really loooong time.  to give the “antiseptic” properties plenty of time to do their thing, don’t you see.  and then think about gargling.
the first thing i noticed was that i had just filled my mouth with the inside of a jellyfish.  “viscous” was not the word that came to mind.  i think the word was “bullsnot”.  and that my lips were tingling.  but it didn’t taste bad.  in fact, it didn’t taste at all.  i decided that i needed to swish this still-nasty-feeling stuff around in my mouth a whole bunch—so that i would be as orally “antiseptic” as i could possibly be.
moments latter, i noticed that i could no longer had feeling in my tongue.  or my lips.  or the side of my chin where i had apparently drooled on myself.  i decided i’d better go ahead and gargle and then spit this stuff out.  except the gargling part didn’t go too well and i swallowed some of the slime.  now i couldn’t feel the inside of my throat, either.  the spitting-out part didn’t go particularly well, either.  apparently one makes use of one’s tongue when performing the spitting maneuver and my tongue had pretty well checked out of my head.  and slime does not a clean spit make.
needless to say, i could not talk very well.  although i tried to relate the events as they unfolded, katie was definitely not amused and banished me to the bathroom.  micheal’s comment:  “oh, that stuff isn’t mouthwash.  it’s for pain and it’s weird.”


Great Quote

Ripped right off of the WhyQuit.com website

“I know this sounds strange, but within reason, everything we feel during our climb to withdrawal’s peak is good not bad. What more honest signs of healing could we have? What sense does it make to fear healing? Why fight coming home to a place where entire days pass without once wanting to ingest nicotine into our bloodstream? Don’t fight recovery, hug it. Hug it hard.”

Excerpts from a free pdf book by Polito JR entitled
“Freedom from Nicotine – The Journey Home”
Copyright 2008 John R. Polito

Our last night

Our last night camping. Sigh.
The clouds moved in, but before they did, we got the telescope set up for some quick sky watching.

First the moon. Nothing new of course, but I love looking at her. All the contrasts and interest. You could explore for quite a while. Then I found Mars. Just a smooth disk with a reddish glow in my scope. Finally, Saturn! I love looking at Saturn! The rings are SO dramatic. We also saw one of saturn’s moons, Tethys. Then the clouds moved in and we gave it up.

I’m not too sad about the clouds, I needed an excuse to say goodnight. The hiking and swimming, a constant go, go, go, has worn me out!

Goodnight all!

Sunday Funday

Wow! If you want something to help you quit smoking, get out of your regular routine! I can’t tell you how much it has helped not having all of the normal triggers around!

6 Days 10 hours into my quit. 3 days 10 hours completely nicotine free.
I am SO glad I quit!

Camping again today. It has been a very good day! Lots of hiking in the woods. We even did a bit of climbing today.


Funny story, my son left his plastic cup on the picnic table last night, and it blew off. Imagine our surprise this morning when he picked it up and it had a toad in it! I know he jumped a mile, and we laughed our asses off!

Bear with me. I’m typing all this on my phone while we are away, and not policing my work too closely!

Thanks for reading, time to turn the potatoes!


5 days 8 hours 37 minutes

Had a great trip into Medina! Apple pie and ice cream. Then we went to an apple orchard where we picked blackberries. The apples and peaches all have another month, but it was nice to stroll through them. Afterward, we went wading in the very cold and clear Medina river.
Just started a fire and put the hot dogs on. We are starving!

The cravings are fewer, and manageable..
More later!



Great day today!
My meter says 4 days 16 hours!

I quit the patches this morning! I had a few rough spots, but it was better than I expected!
We are on a camping trip in the Texas hill country, and the nicotine withdrawal is much easier to deal with in a place where I have lots is distractions, and it doesn’t matter if I’m foggy!
I have to be careful of grumpiness (my nice way of saying raging fucking lunatic!) I threw a big fit this afternoon when a piece of equipment did not function properly, but fortunately I was alone!
Anger is probably one of the biggest reasons I haven’t quit sooner. I get these blind rages when I’m withdrawing from nicotine. I have to be on top of my game and really vigilant in controlling myself. If I’m not, I will usually have a big fit, piss everyone off and hurt a lot of feeling, then use it all as an excuse to light up a smoke!
Not this time. I am up for the challenge and more determined than ever!

Ready for Day 5 smoke free and Day 2 nicotine free tomorrow.

I’ll post some pics of this wonderful campsite when the sun comes around again!

Hope everyone has a good night!


Wednesday fog

Hi all! (no, I don’t have any readers yet..I guess I’m speaking to my other personalities?)

Let’s start with the quit meter. 2 days 47 minutes. I have not smoked 41 cigarettes and saved $11.18

Last night was HARD! I had to have several little talks with myself to keep from getting irrationally angry. No reason whatsoever to be angry, just that damned nico-demon haunting my steps.

Today, I am deep into a nico/fibro-fog. That strange fuzzy point right between the eyes that is determined to block all clear thinking. Sigh…This is the phase where I really just want to ease back into bed and sleep all day.  I HATE being this foggy at work. Fortunately the boss isn’t in yet so I don’t have to be tack sharp yet.

I think before she gets in I’ll go for a short but brisk walk to try and clear my head. Speaking of walk, We walked again last night. Found a little trail right by the house that we didn’t know was there (cause we never go walking, cause we are always smoking). Yes, my SO is trying to quit too. She is going about it in a different way, cutting down and such. I think she is causing herself more grief than not, but then again, we are just not in the same place with all of this, so, we are really just trying to stay out of each others way! 😉

Alright, I have GOT to go for that walk.

Sign me…fading fast…………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz