How is it going?

Ok, so I have not had a smoke since 6:50 a.m.

I am wearing a patch.

I bought a package of 21 mg patches and quartered them to make 4 per patch. One reason I did that was because I’m cheap. The second is that my intention is to use the patches till Friday. On Friday I intend to quit the patch.

I really just want to go cold turkey today, but I have had experience with that in the past. The nico-fog combined with my daily struggle with fibro-fog is just unbearable. If I had or could take the week off, I would do it, but the nico-fog is unbearable when I have to work. My boss demands high energy and clear thinking at all times and the patch help fight some of the initial fog. I am going on a long camping trip this weekend, so the initial 72 hours of nico-fog won’t be an issue like it is at work.

Right now, I’m eating my lunch and patting myself on the back! I am really looking forward and dreading the hours after work, when I would normally smoke. It’s easy to be good when nobody ruffles your feathers. I really just want to get through the day and night. I can’t wait till I can wish myself a good night and good quit!


Nicotine addiction is a brain wanting disorder

p.s. I’m gonna go find a quit meter app for my phone!


2 thoughts on “How is it going?

  1. Tammy

    I quit 13 years ago, so I’m praying for you – you CAN do this and you will NEVER regret it. Two things that helped me were saying to myself 1) I choose not to smoke this hour, this day or this week and 2) I’m not a smoker. Good luck!

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