The clock continues to tick…

….and I continue to be a non-smoker!

This morning was rough, lots of craving, but I am breathing through them.

With each craving, I conscientiously remember that I am now a non-smoker. This means a LOT to me, so it helps me through, with a smile. I remember that I HATE smelling like smoke. I know that, to those around me who don’t smoke, the lingering smell on my body, hair and clothes of cigarette smoke is just as insulting to them as bad body odor is to me.

I have defended that smell, tried to cover it up and wash it away, but it lingers, and I know it’s bad. It actually makes me very self conscience, especially since most of the people I know, both personally and professionally, don’t smoke. I know I stink when I smoke.

Thank God I have never smoked in my house; can you imagine? My car is another story. It’s the hardest, because I always smoked in my car.  I cleaned it this weekend. I wiped all the surfaces, hard and soft, with soap and water. I haven’t cleaned the carpets or interior windows yet (I was worn out by the time I got to “clean car” on my weekend list). I sprayed everything with something called Smoke Out and put in a new cabin filter. All of that has helped a lot, but it’s still there. I need to finish cleaning and borrow an ozone generator to run for a couple of hours, to really get it clean.

As of right now I am 30 hours smoke free!

Have a great, smoke free day!



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