Wednesday fog

Hi all! (no, I don’t have any readers yet..I guess I’m speaking to my other personalities?)

Let’s start with the quit meter. 2 days 47 minutes. I have not smoked 41 cigarettes and saved $11.18

Last night was HARD! I had to have several little talks with myself to keep from getting irrationally angry. No reason whatsoever to be angry, just that damned nico-demon haunting my steps.

Today, I am deep into a nico/fibro-fog. That strange fuzzy point right between the eyes that is determined to block all clear thinking. Sigh…This is the phase where I really just want to ease back into bed and sleep all day.  I HATE being this foggy at work. Fortunately the boss isn’t in yet so I don’t have to be tack sharp yet.

I think before she gets in I’ll go for a short but brisk walk to try and clear my head. Speaking of walk, We walked again last night. Found a little trail right by the house that we didn’t know was there (cause we never go walking, cause we are always smoking). Yes, my SO is trying to quit too. She is going about it in a different way, cutting down and such. I think she is causing herself more grief than not, but then again, we are just not in the same place with all of this, so, we are really just trying to stay out of each others way! 😉

Alright, I have GOT to go for that walk.

Sign me…fading fast…………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



5 thoughts on “Wednesday fog

  1. Hey,
    Probably saying that I know how you feel (as I’ve been there less than a week ago) is not going to help you much…
    So I’ll just say: Stay strong! It WILL get better very soon. Probably sooner than you think!

      1. 2 weeks today!
        And actually only your post reminded me that stopped smoking.
        Not thinking of it at all!
        So proud of myself.
        How are you getting on?

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