Great day today!
My meter says 4 days 16 hours!

I quit the patches this morning! I had a few rough spots, but it was better than I expected!
We are on a camping trip in the Texas hill country, and the nicotine withdrawal is much easier to deal with in a place where I have lots is distractions, and it doesn’t matter if I’m foggy!
I have to be careful of grumpiness (my nice way of saying raging fucking lunatic!) I threw a big fit this afternoon when a piece of equipment did not function properly, but fortunately I was alone!
Anger is probably one of the biggest reasons I haven’t quit sooner. I get these blind rages when I’m withdrawing from nicotine. I have to be on top of my game and really vigilant in controlling myself. If I’m not, I will usually have a big fit, piss everyone off and hurt a lot of feeling, then use it all as an excuse to light up a smoke!
Not this time. I am up for the challenge and more determined than ever!

Ready for Day 5 smoke free and Day 2 nicotine free tomorrow.

I’ll post some pics of this wonderful campsite when the sun comes around again!

Hope everyone has a good night!



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