Sunday Funday

Wow! If you want something to help you quit smoking, get out of your regular routine! I can’t tell you how much it has helped not having all of the normal triggers around!

6 Days 10 hours into my quit. 3 days 10 hours completely nicotine free.
I am SO glad I quit!

Camping again today. It has been a very good day! Lots of hiking in the woods. We even did a bit of climbing today.


Funny story, my son left his plastic cup on the picnic table last night, and it blew off. Imagine our surprise this morning when he picked it up and it had a toad in it! I know he jumped a mile, and we laughed our asses off!

Bear with me. I’m typing all this on my phone while we are away, and not policing my work too closely!

Thanks for reading, time to turn the potatoes!



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