I Like Pie

I made a pie!
I can’t remember doing this in a really long time, if ever!
Not bad either, if I do say so myself. ūüôā


Quit Meter

1 month 7 days 14 hours
I have not smoked 717 cigarettes!

Sometimes I feel as though I could draw an ash a mile long. ūüôā
That is only sometimes, and the cravings are now very easy to beat!

Monday Funday?

‚ÄúYou are not here to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄĒFormer U.S. President Woodrow Wilson
I love this quote. Anyone who follows an artistic endeavor for work needs to remember this daily. However, the reason I’m reading this today has left me on edge.
We have a blackboard at work where we share different quotes, most often our Boss shares.
I read the above quote this morning with a bit of trepidation, as it is hard to tell if this is meant as encouragement, or if we employees have forgotten our way, and this is a morning “hand slap”.
I guess time will tell…we simply have to wait for the boss to arrive. In the meantime, I’m off to improve the world!
Quit Meter: 28 days, 1 hour and 52 minutes.

An update…in pieces.

Hi all,

Wow..a lot of little things and few big things happened this weekend, but time is short, so I’ll give you the quick update with more to come.

First, here is my meter; 21 days, 4 hours, 20 minutes. 424 cigarettes not smoked.  Yes, I am still a non-smoker!!

I saw an ENT on Friday about the sore throat. He says I have “Silent Reflux” and this is what’s causing all the sore throats and secondary sinus infections and bronchial irritations. He started me on a medication called Dexilant. The medication started working the first say! Apparently this happens to me at night. I took the meds Friday, and Saturday morning my sore throat was almost healed. I am really excited that this seems to be something easily fixed.

More later..My 9 year old drives a truck, Grandma and Papa celebrate 50 years of Marital Bliss, and the bombshell my partner dropped Sunday.




Not so mindless post


I have been struggling with health issues lately and have stumbled upon a mystery. I’ll post of the details here, and see if this adds up for anyone, before I go running off to the doctor.

Here is some background.

The last time I saw my Fibro doctor, he told me he had concerns about me possibly having Lupus. I had just gotten over a rash on my chest that comes and goes, and he said next time it came to have it biopsied, as this would give us more clues about the possibility of Lupus.

I have to get back to work, so more later!

I haven’t thought much about it at all, but something new has come up.

Since April 1st of this year, I have had pneumonia once and bronchitis twice after. Each time I was on antibiotics and steroids and got better, but each time got sick again. It always starts with a sore throat, then a couple of days later, settles into my chest with a cough. Fever on and off, but never raging. Low grade at best. When I did some investigating online, the word Lupus came up again.

Also, and maybe unrelated, I had a very sore mouth all through May. I thought it might be a fungal infection from the inhaled steroids, so I stopped taking them. My mouth was just beginning to feel better, when the sore throat began again.

I usually get sick with throat and respiratory issues twice a year, once during cedar pollen season and once during ragweed season. Otherwise, never. This year it seems I have been sick for two months straight, and I don’t know why!!!!! It is neither cedar nor ragweed season.

I’m rambling aren’t I ? I am just trying to figure out connections I guess. I am going to make an appointment with my Fibro doctor and have a talk with him. (Really tired of doctors, and doctor bills)

Mindless update

I have been reading Game of Thrones. I have just started the 4th book, but managed to catch several of the latest episodes, and the season final on Sunday night on HBO. I had never seen the show and only watched out of curiosity.

Monday, I saw this video on YouTube. For some reason, this just cracks me up! If you are a Game of Thrones fan, books or TV show, you will get a kick outta this video! NSFW



On again, off again

My quit meter: 15 days, 3 hours 21 minutes. I have saved $83 and not smoked 303 cigarettes.

Wow. 303 cigarettes.

I think I was living in denial. I wonder if all smokers do, at least those who want to quit but haven’t. 303 cigarettes all lumped into one number sounds huge. I can’t help but think of all the damage 303 cigarettes will do to a person. I have certainly smoked many, many more in my life, so i don’t know why that number is impacting me today.

The on again, off again has been my moods. Not bad overall, but some pretty grumpy waves. Just wondering if it’s nicotine or something else (maybe the fibro pain flare I have been having for the last few days). I gotta think something else, because I can now go large chunks of time without even thinking about a cigarette.

I love that!!! I really love NOT craving a cigarette.¬† It’s hard, I mean really hard to get to that point in your quit, but once you do, there is so much freedom!

Graduation Day (Just who is graduating here?)

Graduation Day

Just like thousands of other children, my son advanced from 4th to 5th grade this week.

Just like thousands of other moms, I have to blog about it. ūüėČ

In my day (how much does THAT sound like my mother?!?), during that first week when school was over, we checked the mailbox every day for a¬†manila envelope that would bring our fate for the summer, and for the next year. That was it. No party, no ceremony, no fanfare whatsoever, just the anticipation of that envelope.¬†When¬†it did finally arrive, it was a mad ¬†dash to the kitchen table (where everything important¬†happened). Fumbling fingers, madly ripping, then¬†intense¬†scrutiny. There was only one word written in¬†English¬†on the entire report, the rest being some alien¬†language¬†for all we cared at that moment, the word was either Pass or¬†Fail. I don’t know what happened to the kids who read the word¬†Fail on that day. I can imagine their worlds pretty much ending at that point.

If the word was Pass, there was maybe a quick little¬†happy¬†dance, and¬†relief. A huge sigh and release of breathe I had been holding since the start of the last week of school. Then, like blowing out a candle flame, it was over. A brief glance at grades, a shout of “I Passed” ringing through the house, then it was all forgotten, and I was free to enjoy the entire summer without¬†thinking¬†about school once!

Today is¬†different. Today they dress up in nice clothes, they have “completion ceremonies” and end of school parties, and as parents, our entire worlds revolve around “Graduation Week” for kiddos passing from one grade to the next. Today, the¬†children¬†know long before school is out if they pass or fail, and the only mystery is what kind of cupcakes¬†Timmy’s¬†mom is¬†bringing¬†to the party.

Regardless of how kids move into summer, with a quiet sigh or a loud bang, it means they are growing up. Laying down old tools and toys, and picking up new ones. We parents, we are growing too. ¬†We grow from focusing every minute of our love and attention on our fragile little creations to, “Mom, please don’t kiss me in front of my friends, it’s¬†embarrassing!” (Insert a mothers quiet sob here!)

This year will be a year of change and challenge for our family. This is one of those points in life where we as parents have to look up, stop, smell the roses, and pay attention. Our son is at that twilight age, that strange age between being a little boy and being a teenager.

I remember, not that long ago, when my son¬†first¬†began to cut that invisible chord between us with the simple phrase, “I Do It!”. There are a lot more “I do it’s” these days. I guess my education comes in knowing when to step back, and how far.

I’m keeping my eyes open. I am cherishing these days, as I have all the ones before it, but I have learned that no matter how much I cherish them, they still slip by, and I’m left with sorrow at the time gone, and joy as I look forward to new days and new¬†experiences.

The past is in the gloaming. The future, our future, is in the dawn.