On again, off again

My quit meter: 15 days, 3 hours 21 minutes. I have saved $83 and not smoked 303 cigarettes.

Wow. 303 cigarettes.

I think I was living in denial. I wonder if all smokers do, at least those who want to quit but haven’t. 303 cigarettes all lumped into one number sounds huge. I can’t help but think of all the damage 303 cigarettes will do to a person. I have certainly smoked many, many more in my life, so i don’t know why that number is impacting me today.

The on again, off again has been my moods. Not bad overall, but some pretty grumpy waves. Just wondering if it’s nicotine or something else (maybe the fibro pain flare I have been having for the last few days). I gotta think something else, because I can now go large chunks of time without even thinking about a cigarette.

I love that!!! I really love NOT craving a cigarette.  It’s hard, I mean really hard to get to that point in your quit, but once you do, there is so much freedom!


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