Not so mindless post


I have been struggling with health issues lately and have stumbled upon a mystery. I’ll post of the details here, and see if this adds up for anyone, before I go running off to the doctor.

Here is some background.

The last time I saw my Fibro doctor, he told me he had concerns about me possibly having Lupus. I had just gotten over a rash on my chest that comes and goes, and he said next time it came to have it biopsied, as this would give us more clues about the possibility of Lupus.

I have to get back to work, so more later!

I haven’t thought much about it at all, but something new has come up.

Since April 1st of this year, I have had pneumonia once and bronchitis twice after. Each time I was on antibiotics and steroids and got better, but each time got sick again. It always starts with a sore throat, then a couple of days later, settles into my chest with a cough. Fever on and off, but never raging. Low grade at best. When I did some investigating online, the word Lupus came up again.

Also, and maybe unrelated, I had a very sore mouth all through May. I thought it might be a fungal infection from the inhaled steroids, so I stopped taking them. My mouth was just beginning to feel better, when the sore throat began again.

I usually get sick with throat and respiratory issues twice a year, once during cedar pollen season and once during ragweed season. Otherwise, never. This year it seems I have been sick for two months straight, and I don’t know why!!!!! It is neither cedar nor ragweed season.

I’m rambling aren’t I ? I am just trying to figure out connections I guess. I am going to make an appointment with my Fibro doctor and have a talk with him. (Really tired of doctors, and doctor bills)


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