An update…in pieces.

Hi all,

Wow..a lot of little things and few big things happened this weekend, but time is short, so I’ll give you the quick update with more to come.

First, here is my meter; 21 days, 4 hours, 20 minutes. 424 cigarettes not smoked.  Yes, I am still a non-smoker!!

I saw an ENT on Friday about the sore throat. He says I have “Silent Reflux” and this is what’s causing all the sore throats and secondary sinus infections and bronchial irritations. He started me on a medication called Dexilant. The medication started working the first say! Apparently this happens to me at night. I took the meds Friday, and Saturday morning my sore throat was almost healed. I am really excited that this seems to be something easily fixed.

More later..My 9 year old drives a truck, Grandma and Papa celebrate 50 years of Marital Bliss, and the bombshell my partner dropped Sunday.





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