Fibro and…

I mentioned fibromyalgia and GERD in an earlier post.
What about the connection between fibromyalgja and the menstrual cycle? I know that many men are diagnosed with fibro, so it cannot be exclusive, but there is a connection. I mentioned to my doctor that flares were much worse with my period. He told me a lot of women had similar issues.  I didn’t pay much attention to that until i saw a Facebook post from a fibro site asking that very question.
My flares are bad during that time. Before i knew there was a connection, i asked my GYN if it was possible to have indometrial tissue throughout the body. It made sense to me at the time, because i have indrometriosis, but she said no. The tissue does grow outside the uterus, but not that far outside.
I have also discovered one of my most frequent migraine triggers is the rapid drop of progesterone right before i start. I KNOW this, but again the GYN suggests more Vicodin.
So, how to make it better?
My rheumatologist doesn’t have any suggestion for handling the hormone reaction, and my GYN simply suggested more Vicodin, really???
Some women who responded to the Facebook query said the had, for one reason or another, had hysterectomies and their fibro symptoms were greatly reduced.
Should i consider a hysterectomy to reduce both fibro and migraine issues? Hell, I’m 50 years old, how much longer do i have to wait? Have any of you done this?
Maybe a bit radical? How about an ablation? Same result, simpler procedure. I’m scared to think about hormone therapies. I have never had good results with birth control to regulate hormone levels, and being a recent x smoker, i’m not anxious to try them.

Please feel free to respond if you like, and especially if you can relate to any of this. I would love to get more proactive with this, but i really do need to sound like i know what i’m talking about when i see the doctor, not some old lady whining about her migraine/fibro haunted periods. Wait…oh yeah, I know, but i have to sound much tougher than i feel. Lol!

What now?

Ok. I have a new symptom but i just don’t know where this one is coming from.
Three different days last week i have numbness on the right side of my face. It seems to start around my ears’ then progresses.
First, my right ear feels like it has a bit of cotton in it. Then numbness, not like dead numb, but like a tooth waking up numb, first around the ear, then right cheek, then the right side of my neck.
What is that?
During one episode last week, the right side of my right lower leg went numb as well.
I have made an appointment with my doctor, but it will be 3 weeks before i see him again.

If this is one of those common fibro  things, let me know, otherwise, I’ll let you know what the doc says in 3 weeks.

GERD and Fibromyalgia

I was reading an article that said GERD was a common symptom of Fibro. Really? I thought i had read it all, but i did not know this. 
I was wondering where this silent reflux came from.

I need to pay more attention to my diet. I hate the idea of managing my digestion with drugs.

Maybe with the right diet, i can stop taking them. Tonight will not be that night. My family and i made gumbo together today. Hot, spicy, savory and delish.

Mini vacation

Hi all,

We got together with the mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a trip to the coast. I love it here, on mustang island. Whether I’m staying in a tent or a nice hotel, I’m always happy to be here.
We left early (5 am) to drive down. The beach is covered in seaweed, but the water is clear and warm, so the seaweed will be fine.
There is something rejuvenating about the ocean. The waves seem to call me, and i could watch them and listen to them forever. I am already exhausted, and it’s onky 7:30 pm, but i think one more trip over the dunes tonight is in order.

So many drafts

Good morning.

The nausea, pain, fatigue and fog are a palatable entity today.

I am at work, so I have taken what meds I can and still function.  I put a wet a paper towel in out freezer and I’ll use it to help keep the nausea at bay.

Anyway, I gotta keep this short so as to get my productivity up. The boss has little patience for illness.

I have found a way to keep up with the thoughts in my head that I want to get on virtual paper! I can’t just stop and write whenever the feeling hits (and the feeling hits more often that I would have thought before I started this blog) , so I just pop in, write a sentence in the subject line and save as a draft.  What struck me this morning is I sure have an awful lot of drafts stacking up! LOL

I have a long weekend coming up, so maybe I’ll get some quite time in to write.

If your reading this right now, know that I wish for you a wonderful day!




Geeking out here!

I received a HP touchpad for Christmas from a friend. I never use it much, because there are really very few apps for it.
Last night I decided to bite the bullet and install CM9. This is a program that is currently in development but still free and available to the public. All you have to do is figure out how to install it.
Well, you have to be able to use the command mode on a computer and punt when the directions lead you astray! You also have to be able to find the right files to download, which is harder than it sounds.
All said and done, I did it, and boy am I glad. Now i have the entire android app store at my fingertips. Of course, I’m still in money saving mode, so only free apps!

I used these directions if you are interested. Two things. Get the latest files. You will have to dig around. The Clockwork file was not the latest. If i post the latest here, they will probably change before i can save this post! LOL
Also, go ahead and find/download the google apps zip file. It will save a little headache.

Ttyl! Jo

Fibro wins today

Imagine being beaten with a bat on all your big muscles. Back, buttocks, thighs, and calves. Don’t imagine the actual beating.

Imagine the next day.

That is what I call a fibro flare.

I have been sailing along in relative comfort for a while, but flared today.

Now the game of , “how long will this last?”

It takes a toll on my family, as their schedules are disrupted too.

I have to get through at least one more day of work before I can rest. I really need to work Friday (my off day) but right now I just don’t know.

I should have seen this coming. I have been pushing really hard to be and do it all. Yes, too much caffeine and not eating well, with no down time at all. I don’t know yet how to take down time when I feel good. There is always something that needs to be done.

I’m either trying to catch up from all I lost during my last flare, or trying to get ahead of the next one.

Gotta rest, try to sleep. I am so tired…


Sleepless in….Texas?

Yep, 11:23 pm. Or 23:23 if you prefer. Either way it’s too damned late!
I took my ambien hours ago. Shortly after, we had a crisis. My back fence blew down in a storm. We went out and rigged it up so the dogs can’t escape tomorrow, but I think that activity counteracted the sleep meds. Has that ever happened to you?
I like that about the ambien because I have a child and don’t want to be completely unresponsive in an emergency. But, now I’m tired, restless and edgy, everything except sleepy.
All of that is going to make for a hard day tomorrow! Sigh.
My boss demands us to be “on” and 100% productive all day every day. I sometimes abuse caffeine to a scary point just to cut through fibro fog on bad days so that I can stay in the game.
I know, I need another attitude adjustment. 🙂
Now, I’m hungry. Really? I know two things right now. Eating will be very bad for the silent reflux, and I will not sleep until I eat something.
Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m going to try reading something boring.