Sleepless in….Texas?

Yep, 11:23 pm. Or 23:23 if you prefer. Either way it’s too damned late!
I took my ambien hours ago. Shortly after, we had a crisis. My back fence blew down in a storm. We went out and rigged it up so the dogs can’t escape tomorrow, but I think that activity counteracted the sleep meds. Has that ever happened to you?
I like that about the ambien because I have a child and don’t want to be completely unresponsive in an emergency. But, now I’m tired, restless and edgy, everything except sleepy.
All of that is going to make for a hard day tomorrow! Sigh.
My boss demands us to be “on” and 100% productive all day every day. I sometimes abuse caffeine to a scary point just to cut through fibro fog on bad days so that I can stay in the game.
I know, I need another attitude adjustment. 🙂
Now, I’m hungry. Really? I know two things right now. Eating will be very bad for the silent reflux, and I will not sleep until I eat something.
Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m going to try reading something boring.


5 thoughts on “Sleepless in….Texas?

  1. yes, i have indeed had a crisis screw with sleep meds..
    at one point i used have of a zopiclone tablet to help me sleep if really necessary.
    after a family friend had to be removed from the home by ambulance after having a mental break down, I was too wound up to sleep, and needed to since I had to be up early the next day..
    just before I took the pill, we got a call from the hospital, it was our ‘friend’ and he needed my mom to come and get him because he had no where to stay. little did we know he hadnt be discharged.. he left unwillingly.
    I go with her to set him up with a cab to go to a hotel room, since theres no way he was coming back with us..
    after all was said and done, we get home and try to sleep. I take my meds.. In 30 min, i was having hallucinations of coat hangers transforming into pitch forks, little 6 inch tall people running all over the bed, and monsters coming out of the mirror. I was completely coherent and calm, and could recognize that these hallucinations were indeed just that, not real, and told my mom… she kept me calm, and eventually I drifted off to sleep. I was fine in the morning, yet the stress continued..
    my point: be careful. sleep and sedating medication can have lots of undesired effects besides calming you or making you drowsy. I know they’re definitely necessary at times, but always use caution with them..
    and hopefully you can keep your life as low stress as possible! night time crisis’ are awful :(.. at least you got it taken care of..

    1. Wow, hallucinations! That is really, really scary!
      I take ambien (or very often, half an ambien) each night for sleep, otherwise I am guaranteed not to sleep. About every 3 months I pick a long weekend to try and go off of them to see if I can, but I have not been successful yet. I do try to take the lowest dose possible for sleep, even that usually means waking twice night, which I can live with.

      1. I didn’t know the hallucinations were possible either, but then after some reading, it said a small number of people do experience it…
        I’m happy to hear that you try to get off of them, or at least see how you manage, when u feel able. Kudos to you! lots of people just end up staying on all these meds…
        And it definitely makes a difference, staying on the lowest dose.. besides that its generally safer, it can help you avoid side effects too 🙂
        I’m pretty sure Ambien is the same as the zopiclone I took, except its the Generic version here in canada.

      2. The only thing I take full strength is Dexilant for silent reflux and Savella for fibro. All else is at least half dose.
        I am hoping one day the fibro will go away. I know that sounds stupid but why not? It wasn’t always like this, who is to say it will never resolve on its own?

      3. I know.. its one of those things that you sort of wonder why its hear, and if its really a ‘real’ thing.. I always wonder whether it will hang around or not after they get my other illnesses under control?
        Who knows? hopefully it will leave as strangely and quickly as it came up.

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