So many drafts

Good morning.

The nausea, pain, fatigue and fog are a palatable entity today.

I am at work, so I have taken what meds I can and still function.  I put a wet a paper towel in out freezer and I’ll use it to help keep the nausea at bay.

Anyway, I gotta keep this short so as to get my productivity up. The boss has little patience for illness.

I have found a way to keep up with the thoughts in my head that I want to get on virtual paper! I can’t just stop and write whenever the feeling hits (and the feeling hits more often that I would have thought before I started this blog) , so I just pop in, write a sentence in the subject line and save as a draft.  What struck me this morning is I sure have an awful lot of drafts stacking up! LOL

I have a long weekend coming up, so maybe I’ll get some quite time in to write.

If your reading this right now, know that I wish for you a wonderful day!




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