Fibro and…

I mentioned fibromyalgia and GERD in an earlier post.
What about the connection between fibromyalgja and the menstrual cycle? I know that many men are diagnosed with fibro, so it cannot be exclusive, but there is a connection. I mentioned to my doctor that flares were much worse with my period. He told me a lot of women had similar issues.  I didn’t pay much attention to that until i saw a Facebook post from a fibro site asking that very question.
My flares are bad during that time. Before i knew there was a connection, i asked my GYN if it was possible to have indometrial tissue throughout the body. It made sense to me at the time, because i have indrometriosis, but she said no. The tissue does grow outside the uterus, but not that far outside.
I have also discovered one of my most frequent migraine triggers is the rapid drop of progesterone right before i start. I KNOW this, but again the GYN suggests more Vicodin.
So, how to make it better?
My rheumatologist doesn’t have any suggestion for handling the hormone reaction, and my GYN simply suggested more Vicodin, really???
Some women who responded to the Facebook query said the had, for one reason or another, had hysterectomies and their fibro symptoms were greatly reduced.
Should i consider a hysterectomy to reduce both fibro and migraine issues? Hell, I’m 50 years old, how much longer do i have to wait? Have any of you done this?
Maybe a bit radical? How about an ablation? Same result, simpler procedure. I’m scared to think about hormone therapies. I have never had good results with birth control to regulate hormone levels, and being a recent x smoker, i’m not anxious to try them.

Please feel free to respond if you like, and especially if you can relate to any of this. I would love to get more proactive with this, but i really do need to sound like i know what i’m talking about when i see the doctor, not some old lady whining about her migraine/fibro haunted periods. Wait…oh yeah, I know, but i have to sound much tougher than i feel. Lol!


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