Flames of fire

Having a very rough day.

It’s been coming on for a few days, and I have tried all of my little tricks to get through it..but it’s really getting me down.

I have 5 more hours in this chair.

5 more hours before I can clock out and take pain medicine.

5 more hours till I can sit in my car and let the tears flow.

6 more hours till I can get out of this dress and these heels into something loose that doesn’t touch me or chafe my skin.

6 more hours until I can start to feel a little relief.



Quit Meter!

I just got a message from my phone that says, “Congratulations, you have quit smoking for 3 months!”

That’s it! That’s my post today. If any of my very quiet readers would care to post a little note in a congratulatory style (hint hint nudge nudge) it would make me feel even better about the fact that I have not polluted myself or my fellow human beings with anything stronger than these poor musings.

Think of something YOU have done for YOURSELF lately, and post it. Write it here, or on your own blog, but write it down and celebrate it. Haven’t done anything just for you in a while, then post hat you PLAN TO DO for yourself, and let’s celebrate that! Find a moment to feel good about you today.

Hugs, Jojo

I need to do….something.

OK, the kiddo starts school this week, and I know that after we all get settled back into our school routine, I need to do something.

Some kind of workout.

Some kind of physical activity.

We have a Wii, maybe I need to do a workout game. I received The Biggest Loser game 2 years ago, but only worked out with it once. Sigh.

Usually when I work out, the Fibro kicks in and I’m down for another week.  I have got to start slow, and not get too carried away when I’m feeling good!

So, I saw this an decided, maybe not the treadmill!


Dave Ramsey, how do you feel about homosexuals?

I know, I haven’t been here much, and so much has happened. Why do I never get time to write? Anyway, I’m checking back in for only a moment to delve into the latest can of worms I have opened.

I was looking for a place to Take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes, but could not find a single location that taught the classes in a open and affirming church. I started searching, and among many other articles, found this:

How Dave Ramsey discriminates against same sex couples

I haven’t finished researching, but I do have a dilemma now.

I will not financially support someone who discriminates against us as a couple, yet, I love this financial plan and need support and training.

What on earth do I do now???

Thanks for Reading!