Dave Ramsey, how do you feel about homosexuals?

I know, I haven’t been here much, and so much has happened. Why do I never get time to write? Anyway, I’m checking back in for only a moment to delve into the latest can of worms I have opened.

I was looking for a place to Take the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes, but could not find a single location that taught the classes in a open and affirming church. I started searching, and among many other articles, found this:

How Dave Ramsey discriminates against same sex couples

I haven’t finished researching, but I do have a dilemma now.

I will not financially support someone who discriminates against us as a couple, yet, I love this financial plan and need support and training.

What on earth do I do now???

Thanks for Reading!

16 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey, how do you feel about homosexuals?

  1. Diane

    I just bought the FPU set and was disheartened to see the blatant discrimination against gay men and women. I am straight, but I decided that I could not give another penny to Dave Ramsey. Frankly, I hope someone in a state with marriage equality sues him (I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if he’s breaking the law). Dave Ramsey is not magic. Lots of people write well about money management. I strongly recommend the books of Elizabeth Warren (All Your Worth for the big picture) Amy Dacyczyn (Tightwad Gazette books for the little picture) on saving money. If you are in debt and don’t mind 12-step programs, you might want to look into Debtor’s Anonymous. If you are involved in a church, perhaps they’d be willing to sponsor a support group – or if you are a self-starter, maybe you’d like to start one in your community. I really hope you get the help you need, and I’m very sorry that you have to face this discrimination.

    1. Hi Diane.
      Thank you for your response. What was it in the FPU that you felt was discriminatory? I have not purchased the FPU, only the Total Money Makeover. I found nothing in the book that kept me form purchasing it. I have found the book to be motivating, but a little vague on details.
      I have read a lot of info on Mr. Ramsey. The general consensus seems to be that he is solid on debt reduction, but a little less knowledgeable on investing. This is fine for me at this point. I am following his plan for reduction, but will move on to more solid investment info later.
      Thank you so much for these reading suggestions. I will check these out!
      Thank you for your support for equality. If you purchased FPU to learn more about debt reduction, I wish you luck!

  2. Diane

    This is from the guide for using FPU as a course:
    The church agrees to purchase one individual class membership per family unit enrolling in FPU.
    1. A family unit is defined as an individual, a married, couple, or an engaged couple who has set a date for getting married within one year of their enrollment.
    2. A married couple is defined as a male and female joined in accordance with the state laws of Tennessee.

    So any gay couple would have to purchase two sets.
    Mr. Ramsey also only hires evangelical Christians as counselors.

    I think he is useful for information on debt reduction. However, I can’t stand to listen to the political rants on his radio show, so I don’t listen to it. And I especially hate that he calls this a Christian plan. I think it’s a complete perversion of what Jesus said: “Lay not treasure for yourself on earth.” Mr. Ramsey’s show is about how to lay treasure up on earth.

    Good luck in reducing your debt. I’m not sure his advice on investments is great, but I think he can be inspiration on the stupidity of debt.

  3. Cat

    Great comment! My partner and I both agree with you. I am also searching for other resources towards debt reduction other than Mr. Ramsey. I like his advice on money but I disagree with his rants on politics and religion. With Mr. Ramsey I eat the corn and spit out the cob.

  4. Wanda Wolf

    I belong to an open and affirming church that has a sign for Peace Financial next to the Church sign. We are supposed to get a letter explaining why. I will be leaving that church this week

  5. Hi Wanda,
    I’m really sorry this is something that prompts you to leave your church. It is such a hard choice to walk away from one’s church. Have you talked to your pastor about it? Does your church understand the ramifications of their participation?

    It’s hard to be all things to all people I guess.

    I wish you luck and light Wanda.


  6. J and V

    My partner and I hav gotten out of over 70,000 worth of debt using the Dave Ramsey plan. The financial advice is free (radio, podcasts, library, etc) so supporting him financially is not necessary. As a couple with values different than his, we “take what we can and leave the rest”. If we achieve financial success, we are able to use that money to create positive change in the world.

  7. John

    I am a gay man in a committed relationship in Tennessee. I never have purchased FPU but I went to my public library and checked out Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover, which has much of the same info without the religious entanglement. I used the info for free. I agree with his financial advice and have friends that did it and have no debt and their houses are paid off. All of the info is given away free on his site too. Just follow the seven baby steps.

  8. Jack Omilanowicz

    Just as a reference to anyone that is reading this (I know I am posting on a rather old post but its good to reference new information as old post’s are still read online all the time).

    On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court Ruled gay marriage is a constitutional right, meaning that all 50 states must allow it and that all existing bans are invalid. As such The Tennessee Laws defining marriage as only between a Man and a woman are no longer legal.

    A Bill that was presented to try and nullify the Supreme court ruling was Rejected in January 2016 by the Civil Justice Committee. So for now the Statement that may be in the FPU documentation (which actually references the Church and not FPU) stating ” A married couple is defined as a male and female joined in accordance with the state laws of Tennessee.” is no longer valid as gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. If you go to a church for FPU then you may have issues however you have many alternative options such as FPU online versions and Home versions, and people do host classes outside of the Church setting as well.

    From the several years worth of Listening to Dave’s program , reading his books etc… I have never found anything that has left any opinion of his support or non support of Same Sex Marriage. That being said Regardless of the “Type” of marriage you are in. Following his sound advice is recommended.

    As with almost any other lesson or teaching you can find. You should take what applies to you and disregard what doesn’t. His principals are based with a firm religious background but take the religion out and you can still apply all of the practices into your life and find Financial Peace.

  9. TruckerJay

    I am also gay, and I love his teachings. You have to look at it from the perspective that people, including Dave Ramsey, is entitled to an opinion or personal feelings about any subject. It doesn’t make him right or wrong. As a human being we all should respect each other, live and let live so to say. But that doesn’t happen in our society. Do what is right for you and your family, even if that means buying a book or product that will help you from a person with different views than you or I. I would love it if my partner and I could one day go on his show and do a debt free scream… If it’s not meant to be, well then I’m still going to be thankful for his advice that made my life better… Smiling all the way to retirement. As a side note, if he were using his position in life as a tool to promote anti-homosexuality or hate, I would feel differently and not buy anything from him. But that’s not the case. As a matter of fact I haven’t found anything in his own words indicating he has any problems with anyone except liberals and debt slingers. Hope that helps!

    1. Tahnk you TruckerJay. It’s not always easy to decide what to support. I have not researched, but I wonder how things have changed not that same sex marriage is legal in Tennessee?

  10. maya

    I just heard a podcast episode where he spoke with a female who spoke about divorce, custody, etc…. from her wife. He responded to her questions and didn’t say anything about it bein a same sex marriage.

    1. TruckerJay

      I heard it too! I was glad he took that call in the same cadence as any other other; it’s nice to know he truly means that he will help everyone from any walk of life!!!

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