Awful days.

I was supposed to get a colonoscopy yesterday, but things have gone horribly wrong!

Sunday I was on a clear liquid only diet. Sunday night at 6pm I started drinking their prep. By 1am, no action. I had to start the second part of the prep. Here I went on and off the rest of the night, till about 4am, then i fell asleep.

I was miserable from drinking  a full gallon of liquid, but going very little.

I went for the procedure, and they started, but only got 1/3rd of the way to a blockage. They sent me home and said they would try again at another time with a different prep. In the meantime, it’s been 27 hours and i still have not gone. At all.

My stomach feels huge. I talked to his nurse, but she said he didn’t leave any further instructions for me!

Am I ever gonna go again?