Recipe: Overnight Choco-Oats

Good morning. This recipe looked great, so I wanted to share it. Have a great day!


Overnight Choco-Oats: This is the ultimate personally pre-packaged snack. In a container with a secure lid, mix ½ cup oats, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 3 tablespoons chocolate protein powder, and a handful of walnuts until well combined. Let sit in fridge overnight (or up to a few days). Need some extra sweetness? Add ½ a banana, mashed!


Why are you posting that?

8 reasons why you are not losing weight.

I’m stuck.
For the third week in a row, I have broken even.
No loss, no gain. Stuck. Arrrrrrgggg!!

Yes, last week was tumultuous,  but still, I thought it was going to be a losing weekend. 

So, I am really stumped. 
More cardio? Less food? Both!

Totally crazy week

Wow, so much has happened this week.
The BIG THING, I had a head on collision with a deer.
It was everything you would think, scary, heartbreaking, and after having my car inspected, a pain in the ass.
The car is damaged, but it is very drivable.

So, help me out here.
I own the car, and had hoped to get one more year without car payments.
Know this about the car. Runs great, now has body damage. 7 years old and over 101000 miles.
It is a Prius, and so runs partially on batteries.

I have a few options.

Fix the car. I have a $500 deductable and will have to pay $10 per day for a rental car. The shop says 9 days to fix.
Pocket the money (we are saving for a vacation) and trade the car in. This mean a car payment, as I haven’t saved enough to pay cash for it.
Pocket the money and drive the damaged car untill fall(after the big vacation) then trade it for a car payment.
Just keep driving it as-is for the next year as originally planned and fund that vacation!

I am really torn about spending all that money on a car so old and with so many miles. Anyway, what do YOU think?

Thanks, Jojo

Sleep meds are evil!

After 4 nights of restless, broken sleep, I took half an Ambien last night. I STILL woke up, but fell asleep again after eating a cracker. This is an improvement, because the last 3 nights have been miserable!

What is with me and having to eat in the middle of the night? My most common binge is peanut butter or cereal. Last night, I somehow managed to convince myself that a rice cracker or two would be enough. I really would like to understand the whole “wake up to eat” thing.


Hope your week is good so far.


Last today, but not least


Today, I am going to make my first attempt at one of my other 2014 resolutions (goals). Today I am going to a Toastmasters meeting!

Saying I’m not good at public speaking is a far cry for reality. I really, really suck at public speaking! My anxiety levels get so high when I have to speak, even in front of a group I know, that I fall apart, and become very ineffectual.

My employer has hinted at several turns that this is a handicap to my position, so I contacted a friend who is a fantastic public speaker and said HELP! His first advice was to join a Toastmasters group, so tonight is the night I attend my first meeting to observe. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Diet Post

Hi Everyone,

Last week was supposed to be about artificial sweeteners, but I didn’t focus very well on that.  I focused primarily on my anniversary and left the rest to take care of itself.

Of course, the effort I put in is a direct correlation to the results I get out, and last weeks effort was plenty obvious! ;-(

For anniversary, and it was a simply wonderful anniversary, I indulged in food and drink that I had given up 3 months ago. The scale wasn’t the worse indicator of this indulgence. The migraine Friday (the first since I went on this diet) was the final straw to prove there are just some foods and drink I need to stay away from, regardless of weight loss. The bigger health picture suffered.

The great news about this week was my meeting with my doctor, who says, because of the weight I have lost and the efforts I have put in to this point, I can start reducing certain medications that I have to take on a daily basis. I have to do this under his supervision, but I am on track.

If you ever watch shows like The Biggest Loser, you see most of the time people can improve their health tremendously by losing weight and exercising regularly. This is one of my biggest goals of 2014, to reduce or eliminate a lot of the medications I have to take, especially those for high blood pressure.

This weeks focus is going to be to simply tighten up my calorie counting and see some results. Weight wise, this week was a break even, with no loss or gain.

Hope you all have a great week on the scale!