Artificial Sweeteners

Hi everyone! You might have noticed this weeks post is late. The reason it’s late is I got a bit distracted with a birthday present yesterday and just didn’t get to it.

I received a new tablet for my birthday. I have had a tablet for the last couple years, but it is one that did not have very much functionality and so in order to make it work I had to hack it.
The android operating system was a bit unstable and unpredictable, so I spent all day yesterday playing with features on my new one instead of doing my diet post.
Last week was not a very good diet week. I had days where I pigged out on things that were not appropriate and then ate too little the next day in order to make up for my behavior the day before. I know a lot of people actually diet this way, but I want to keep a healthier lifestyle approach. Yesterday I packed extra healthy snacks so I would have plenty of healthy choices at the office.
This weeks focus is going to be on artificial sweeteners. I declared yesterday that I would never have another artificial sweetener in my body ever again, until this morning when I got my coffee and realized that honey in my coffee does not taste right, so this weeks focus is reducing the amount of artificial sweeteners until I find a suitable substitute.
I managed to lose .80 pounds last week. That’s almost almost a pound. I wanted to say a pound, but almost a thing is not a thing.
If I lose any weight next week, then I will finally break the 160 mark. Is is my imagination, or does this seem to get harder the closer I get to goal weight?
Thanks everyone for reading and have a great week!
p.s. Did you notice there was no mention of exercise? Gotta fix that….

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