Monday update, maybe she has lost it?

First, I got my keyboard working, so It’s a lot easier to post now.
Second, I just had a few things that I found interesting and wanted to share.

The first article is about coconut oil. I am just learning to use this stuff, so this was useful:
4 awesome ways to use coconut oil

And this is a really good one! 10 causes of Fibromyalgia your doctor doesnt know about. There were some very interesting points if you suffer from Fibro.

Lastly, I came home and worked out. I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical, at a fast 60 rpm’s for most of it! My spouse wanted to know why I worked so hard, but honestly, it was the music. I found a really motivating soundtrack that took me away. She is right though, the Fibro will flare tomorrow, just wonder how much. I’ll just have to suck it up because that was the best workout I’ve had in weeks!

Keep working toward your goal!


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