Totally crazy week

Wow, so much has happened this week.
The BIG THING, I had a head on collision with a deer.
It was everything you would think, scary, heartbreaking, and after having my car inspected, a pain in the ass.
The car is damaged, but it is very drivable.

So, help me out here.
I own the car, and had hoped to get one more year without car payments.
Know this about the car. Runs great, now has body damage. 7 years old and over 101000 miles.
It is a Prius, and so runs partially on batteries.

I have a few options.

Fix the car. I have a $500 deductable and will have to pay $10 per day for a rental car. The shop says 9 days to fix.
Pocket the money (we are saving for a vacation) and trade the car in. This mean a car payment, as I haven’t saved enough to pay cash for it.
Pocket the money and drive the damaged car untill fall(after the big vacation) then trade it for a car payment.
Just keep driving it as-is for the next year as originally planned and fund that vacation!

I am really torn about spending all that money on a car so old and with so many miles. Anyway, what do YOU think?

Thanks, Jojo


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