just tired

I am writing this morning as I am late for work. I always seem to be running, so I put the brakes on, if only for a few minutes, to take a little writing therapy.

It’s really hard to diet right now. My motivation is low. My temperment is bla. I’m not really sure why. That is why I’m writing. I’m thinking, “maybe if I put it out there” it will be the little kick I need.

So, what can I do about this today? Hmmm.

1. Get off my butt, make a heakthy snack for later and get to the office!

2. Jump into everything at the office with great enthusiasm. Quit moping and whining and do this.

3. Come home tonight and GET ON THE ELLIPTICAL! Energy makes energy. Exercise clears the cobwebs and adjusts the attitude.

4. Get real sleep! That’s right, go to bed tired!!!

Alright everyone, have a great day. Let’s MOVE!!!!



This weeks weigh-in

Hi everyone,

This week’s weight was down, a little. Yep, .4 pounds.

Now, before you get discouraged by that, remember the hell I’ve been going through the last 2 weeks. Yep, There is a big difference between taking blood pressure medications and hormone meds. I just now feel as though I am myself again. I do not like me without my bio-identical hormones, and neither does my body. Just too much to take!

As I began to feel less frantic, I began to feel that I wasn’t so heavy. In reality, I did really well on diet last week, but the scale wouldn’t show it because of the incredible water retention. Boy, I have been miserable!

Now, i say I did well on diet last week, but two things I did just might have sabotaged me this week.

The first thing I did, the worst thing I did, was just for one night, just for a bit, I gave up. Saturday night, I had all the things that are not good for me, steak, baked potato, ranch dressing, sour creme. I’m over it now. I was really craving and old fashioned steak dinner and not that i have had it, I’m just fine!

The second thing I did was last night. yep, I grazed much too long at the Superbowl party buffet. ;-(

I do however, feel like i’m back on track, and ready to take on the week!

Hope your week is amazing!