This weeks weigh-in

Hi everyone,

This week’s weight was down, a little. Yep, .4 pounds.

Now, before you get discouraged by that, remember the hell I’ve been going through the last 2 weeks. Yep, There is a big difference between taking blood pressure medications and hormone meds. I just now feel as though I am myself again. I do not like me without my bio-identical hormones, and neither does my body. Just too much to take!

As I began to feel less frantic, I began to feel that I wasn’t so heavy. In reality, I did really well on diet last week, but the scale wouldn’t show it because of the incredible water retention. Boy, I have been miserable!

Now, i say I did well on diet last week, but two things I did just might have sabotaged me this week.

The first thing I did, the worst thing I did, was just for one night, just for a bit, I gave up. Saturday night, I had all the things that are not good for me, steak, baked potato, ranch dressing, sour creme. I’m over it now. I was really craving and old fashioned steak dinner and not that i have had it, I’m just fine!

The second thing I did was last night. yep, I grazed much too long at the Superbowl party buffet. ;-(

I do however, feel like i’m back on track, and ready to take on the week!

Hope your week is amazing!



2 thoughts on “This weeks weigh-in

  1. Thanks, I have started following your blog too. You have some interesting comments, lol. Vodka, sheesh! Thanks for leaving it, it was great comic relief!

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