“I have been-and always will be-your friend” ~ Spock

Stardate 3417.3
I fell in love with him during the episode; “This side of Paradise”, when he himself fell in love.

I was 10.

A 10 year old’s affections are fickle, but even though I was no longer in love by the next episode, I have always loved him. Both Leonard Nimoy, and the character he played, Mr. Spock.

The title to that Episode was from a poem called “Tiare Tahiti” By Rupert Brooke, it seems fitting to share it with you today.

Mamua, when our laughter ends,
And hearts and bodies, brown as white,
Are dust about the doors of friends,
Or scent ablowing down the night,
Then, oh! then, the wise agree,
Comes our immortality.
Mamua, there waits a land
Hard for us to understand.
Out of time, beyond the sun,
All are one in Paradise,
You and Pupure are one,
And Taü, and the ungainly wise.
There the Eternals are, and there
The Good, the Lovely, and the True,
And Types, whose earthly copies were
The foolish broken things we knew;
There is the Face, whose ghosts we are;
The real, the never-setting Star;
And the Flower, of which we love
Faint and fading shadows here;
Never a tear, but only Grief;
Dance, but not the limbs that move;
Songs in Song shall disappear;
Instead of lovers, Love shall be;
For hearts, Immutability;
And there, on the Ideal Reef,
Thunders the Everlasting Sea!

And my laughter, and my pain,
Shall home to the Eternal Brain.
And all lovely things, they say,
Meet in Loveliness again;
Miri’s laugh, Teïpo’s feet,
And the hands of Matua,
Stars and sunlight there shall meet
Coral’s hues and rainbows there,
And Teüra’s braided hair;
And with the starred tiare’s white,
And white birds in the dark ravine,
And flamboyants ablaze at night,
And jewels, and evening’s after-green,
And dawns of pearl and gold and red,
Mamua, your lovelier head!
And there’ll no more be one who dreams
Under the ferns, of crumbling stuff,
Eyes of illusion, mouth that seems,
All time-entangled human love.
And you’ll no longer swing and sway
Divinely down the scented shade,
Where feet to Ambulation fade,
And moons are lost in endless Day.
How shall we wind these wreaths of ours,
Where there are neither heads nor flowers?
Oh, Heaven’s Heaven!—but we’ll be missing
The palms, and sunlight, and the south;
And there’s an end, I think, of kissing,
When our mouths are one with Mouth….

Taü here, Mamua,
Crown the hair, and come away!
Hear the calling of the moon,
And the whispering scents that stray
About the idle warm lagoon.
Hasten, hand in human hand,
Down the dark, the flowered way,
Along the whiteness of the sand,
And in the water’s soft caress,
Wash the mind of foolishness,
Mamua, until the day.
Spend the glittering moonlight there
Pursuing down the soundless deep
Limbs that gleam and shadowy hair,
Or floating lazy, half-asleep.
Dive and double and follow after,
Snare in flowers, and kiss, and call,
With lips that fade, and human laughter
And faces individual,
Well this side of Paradise! ….
There’s little comfort in the wise.

Stardate – February 27, 2015
We, a generation of nerds and geeks, of space travelers, of introverts and loners, of folks smarter than the world around them, of dreamers, of logical and illogical minds, of rocket builders, and budding scientists, dreamers, and those not afraid to fly, we mourn the loss of a legend, a hero, one so like us, and so not like us. Mr. Nimoy, Spock, although you never knew it, I have been, and always will be, your friend. Live long and prosper.



FittyBitty and The Abascal Way

I really like this little thing, and the software that goes with it. I got it for Christmas, and we are finally beginning to relate!

I have decided after a year of the Abascal Way that I need to modify it. I do believe it has helped a lot with various types of inflammation, but it isn’t helping me lose weight. Primarily because you can eat as much as you want. Well, that for one reason or another has me “maintaining” weight. Not much excitement after the initial big weight drop. Some say that I’m at the weight I’m supposed to be, but my jeans would argue with you about that.

So, no processed foods, but back to calorie counting. The thing I love about the FitBit, is if I lay around all day, it give me a smaller amount of a calorie allowance. If I work my butt off, it adjusts my allowed calories for the day, upward! Work more, eat more!

I love that I can make food and exercise choices that keep me burning more calories than I’m eating!


p.s. Now, I’ve lost my FittyBitty charger, and have to spend this pay periods allowance on a new one. Boooo. 😉

Standing silent during the Pledge of Allegiance

When I was a child….

Under God was added in 1954.

Now, my opinion:

Define Allegiance. “The loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign.”

No US citizen should stand silent.

Your belief in God can keep you silent during that portion of the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, because your belief in GOD is not of issue when showing loyalty to our country, but my honest opinion is that if a person cannot pledge loyalty to their homeland, they should find another homeland.

The Article? Here:

Happy New Year, 2 months late

Well, I’ve had my healthy lunch, and was just browsing blogs a bit and came across Big Jew on a Diet. I laughed at his most recent post about Justin Beiber’s dick, but after scrolling down a bit, I came to the same conclusion that he did.

I didn’t meet my weight loss goals last year.

Oh, I did for a time, but then as outside influences dragged me further and further off center, I let them. I made excuses, I did not always try my best, and here I am, fighting the same battles.

Here is a partial list of the goals I had for 2014:


Reach and maintain 145 pounds

Work out twice per week

Write 1 poem per month

Work on power of attraction

Find ways to be a better wife


Stop taking hydrocodone (almost there, maybe twice a month)

Wean off blood pressure meds (nope you read the post about Anaphylaxis?)

Wean off zolpedem

Start Toastmasters

Write thank you cards every time

Travel to switzerland (That one I did!)


Get raise (Did this!)

Make a gameplan for job growth or new job (and this!)

New resume

So, as you can see, I didn’t exactly nail it. I’m keeping this list and adding for 2015, Take a water color class.  I know, everyone else did this 2 months ago.

I get it, I’m just slow getting started this year. LOL.


Pain, Pain, go away…

….come again some other day, please.

/whine on/
The fibro is tough today, as is the arthritis. It’s very cold here, 33F. My body does not handle cold well. I am in so much pain, I alternate between holding my breath and panting as it washes over me.

I made it to the office today, in spite of the inclement weather, but I may not be able to stay.

Pain meds? I have taken Motrin. I have stronger stuff, but it makes it so hard to work. There are also a few nasty side effects to deal with, so I’m holding out for as long as I possibly can.
Maybe getting the office warmed up and a warm drink and the Motrin…maybe that will help. /whine off/

Have a great day everyone, despite the battles you face!



Running, kinda

I love to run.

Bi-lateral hip replacements, osteoarthritis, a herniated disk on L4 and Fibromyalgia all fight against me, but I do love to run.

My biggest challenge of late has been my feet. More specifically, my heels. They are extremely tender, so each step is painful.

Are any of you runners? Do you know what I can do about it? I have the most shock absorbing shoes I could find, and wear good shoes all the time, so I’m not sure it’s the shoe, but, I don’t know.