Marriage Equality in Texas

My wife and I were legally married Oct 2013 in Iowa.

I signed my marriage license with my new name.

When we returned to Texas, I learned I could not change my name here without a court order. I am holding out for the day I can change my name in Texas because I was married in Iowa.
Friends, you may dance at my Name Change Celebration as soon as Texas recognizes my legal marriage.

I know there is a lot of opposition to gay marriage. I’ve even heard people compare our marriages to marrying animals.

You, your religion, your church, and your family dictates what rules you follow. I respect that, and expect you to respect my rules, even though they are different from yours. My rules include same sex marriage. You marry whom you want, and I will marry who I want.

I am hoping for the right to do that in June.

Yesterday, this happened:



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