Not giving up!

So, I went to educate myself during lunch, after the whole egg on my face thing, and found this:

“That means, you find a healthy, clean diet that works for you and you follow it religiously and every day. What sinks most Americans is their belief that they are “entitled” to dietary exceptions. As we get older, our body is much less forgiving of these excursions. Your body has become intolerant to modern foodstuffs and most particularly to sugars, starches and grains. If you knew that your knee were very damaged and would need surgery if you ran on it, would you feel “entitled” to go out for a five mile jog? You are over 50 years old so time to stop being controlled by a cookie. Been there, done that with cake, cookies, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, junk food. You can grow up and eat clean. But once you do it…..DO IT. Don’t stop doing it just because it’s your dog’s birthday.”

See more here!

I’m going to be spending a lot of time on this site! She may be the kick in the pants I need! 😉 I especially liked this part, let’s read it again!

“You are over 50 years old so time to stop being controlled by a cookie. Been there, done that with cake, cookies, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, junk food. You can grow up and eat clean. But once you do it…..DO IT. Don’t stop doing it just because it’s your dog’s birthday.”


Just tell me what to do!

OMG, one of my co-workers just looked at my breakfast, one lonely hard boiled egg, and said, “If you are trying to trim down, you can’t eat that yolk!”

What, I can’t eat the yolk?

I’m crushed. I am trying so hard to eat the proper food each day. I don’t like egg whites. The only reason I eat the white is because it seems a waste to throw it away (I am NOT about wasting food).

Sigh. He is 38, and chiseled like Atlas himself, and he said I could have the yolk. Sigh.

Then I realized, he is right. I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing. I think I am eating right because of the calorie counts, but maybe I should be counting macros instead?

Will someone please just tell me what to eat everyday, for every meal? Tell me when and how to exercise, so that I look good and feel good. Will you come on over and help me stay on track too? How do I get this over 50 broken body where I want it?



A place to relax

Relaxing is not a strong point with me. I have to keep moving, to get it all done. That said, My family and I planted a place where we could come home and garden a bit in the evenings. It will serve 3 purposes, it will keep me outside “doing”, relax us, cause gardening does that, and provide tomatoes, peppers and pretty flowers!

This year, we installed a small (50 gallon) rainwater collection tank close by, so getting water to the garden will be much easier.

Our 2015 garden
Our 2015 garden

We added the cute little truck this year. The wheels spin, and the noise is supposed to keep the birds away. Last year, we lost almost all of our tomatoes to birds and the intense summer heat. This year, I am going to build a net with PVC and solar screening. I’ll post it once I get it sketched!

Have a great Monday, feel free to relax in my garden!



Consistency, that is what I am striving for.

With Wednesday’s little health hiccup, I am reminded again that I have Fibromyalgia. Doesn’t matter what I think about this “condition”, there are real symptoms and real consequences to not being consistent in my health practices.

After speaking to the doctor on Wednesday, I learned that I had a “reaction” to the antibiotics I am taking for last weeks sinus infection, which has caused a bit of fluid to gather in my lungs. This makes me short of breath, and is painful. Add to that a “Fibro Flare” and I was wiped out.

Did not get my 5K steps in, did not eat well, did not get my fluids.

That left me holding the bag on Thursday. For you who don’t have any experience with Fibro, it’s like this. If you want to have a normal day, you have to be very consistant with what you eat, drink and how you exercise every single day, otherwise, you suffer with exhaustion and pain and a host of other things that go with it.
On the occasions you wake pain free, you want to run faster and climb higher, you want to hike and play and be the person that can and does everything! You want to throw open the windows and clean the house till it shines. But, if you don’t reign yourself in, you will pay for all your exuberance! You.will.hurt.
Wednesday, I was in a great deal of pain. I spent hours deciding, do I take half of a pain pill and get some relief now, and suffer the dreaded IBS symptoms for a week? Or, just tough it out, again.

After a time of living with this, you enter the cycle I am currently trying to get out of. Feel good=Do everything! = pay for it = 😦

This is how I am trying to break the cycle;

-Minimum 5K steps per day. I have been checking my FitBit at about 7 each night, and then if nothing else, I get on the elliptical to meet my goal, then often crawl into bed from there.

-Healthy, high fiber, high protein, clean food every day (often IBS is a complication of Fibro)

-Lots of water 64oz. per day. min.

-Supplement Vitamin D, and get outside more every day. I always have low vitamin D levels, and am tested twice a year. Who knows whether it’s the Arthritis or the Fibromyalgia that causes that deficiency.

Everyone should practice my routine, I know, but these simple things can be very challenging for me. When I feel bad, I want comfort food, not another helping of brussel sprouts (yeah, I love brussel sprouts, but they are not as much comfort as a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich followed by ice cream). When I feel bad, I do NOT want to go walk another 1600 steps because I haven’t moved much today, and I do not want 64 oz. of water if I’m not doing anything physically.

So, consistency. I have to do these minimum things every single day so that I do not continue to decline.

Have a consistent day my friends!


My happy place

Where did she go?

So yes, I’m in a bit of a funk.
You can usually tell, when I stop writing, it’s either because I’m very busy (which I have been) or because I feel too “down” to write.

“Down” doesn’t always mean depressed.

Sometimes, Down means inarticulate, or overwhelmed, or disgusted with my progress on something. When it’s all those things rolled into one, it means depressed. I am not being treated for depression. I am typically an introvert, which isn’t the same thing.

Right now, I feel down because I feel unwell, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Headaches almost every night, beginning about 2 a.m. Tightness in the chest, slight nasuea that comes and goes, feeling bloated, those are the main ones. In general, I feel unwell. However, I keep putting on my I keep pushing it down. Pulling up my bootstraps, trying to get my second wind, you know all the metaphors. It is just harder this time.

Anyway, all that aside.

I’m keeping calories between 1200 and 1600 daily. Eating real food, not processed or junk. I am staying on top of water consumption and getting my 64 oz. in almost every day. I am also keeping my steps up to a minimum of 5000 each day.
I feel like I have a handle on THAT part of the daily grind. Now, I need to get out of this funk. I think that starts by going home and getting a nap.

Have a great day people,