Migraine again

Yesterday ended as a fun day, but I had to put on my big girl panties to make it that way.
2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, in too much pain to even celebrate DST, we were camping and I realized my migraine meds were in the car, not in the camper.

I struggled to make an ice pack without waking everyone else in the camper, took 3 Motrin and 3 Tyenol, wrapped my head in ice and tossed and turned for an hour.
My wife then took the little dog and went out to get my meds from the car. Unknown to me at the time, she fell and wrenched her back on the way out to the car, almost knocking the little dog unconscious.

I took the meds she gave me with great reluctance, knowing that a full Fibro flare was on its way because of them.

Busy was good. I put it all aside and focused on her. Getting her home, into a hot bath, into bed with a heating pad and good meds. She felt much better later when friends came over for pizza and a new board game my son invented.



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