Sparkling water, is it really wet?

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I have been wondering if sparkling water, wasser mit gas, fizzy water, soda water, mineral water and the like “count” towards your minimum daily water intake.

I started keeping track of things like water intake when I realized I just wasn’t drinking very much water. Sure, I get water from the fruits I take in, but over all, I was only consuming a quarter of my daily minimum, at best.

That minimum? Lots of sources say 8 glasses/64 oz. a day. Seems like a lot right? It’s not. Apparently our bodies guzzle up every drop. I was surprised to learn that if your urine is anything but almost clear, you haven’t had enough water.

In general though, carbonated water is water. The carbonation is not a diuretic, so your body uses the water the same way it uses plain flat water. So, have that San Pellegrino, and make your body happy!


Are there health risks in carbonated water?

Tracking your health with FitBit

P.s. Some sparkling waters do add sodium, so watch that if you are keep track of salt!


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