Consistency, that is what I am striving for.

With Wednesday’s little health hiccup, I am reminded again that I have Fibromyalgia. Doesn’t matter what I think about this “condition”, there are real symptoms and real consequences to not being consistent in my health practices.

After speaking to the doctor on Wednesday, I learned that I had a “reaction” to the antibiotics I am taking for last weeks sinus infection, which has caused a bit of fluid to gather in my lungs. This makes me short of breath, and is painful. Add to that a “Fibro Flare” and I was wiped out.

Did not get my 5K steps in, did not eat well, did not get my fluids.

That left me holding the bag on Thursday. For you who don’t have any experience with Fibro, it’s like this. If you want to have a normal day, you have to be very consistant with what you eat, drink and how you exercise every single day, otherwise, you suffer with exhaustion and pain and a host of other things that go with it.
On the occasions you wake pain free, you want to run faster and climb higher, you want to hike and play and be the person that can and does everything! You want to throw open the windows and clean the house till it shines. But, if you don’t reign yourself in, you will pay for all your exuberance! You.will.hurt.
Wednesday, I was in a great deal of pain. I spent hours deciding, do I take half of a pain pill and get some relief now, and suffer the dreaded IBS symptoms for a week? Or, just tough it out, again.

After a time of living with this, you enter the cycle I am currently trying to get out of. Feel good=Do everything! = pay for it = 😦

This is how I am trying to break the cycle;

-Minimum 5K steps per day. I have been checking my FitBit at about 7 each night, and then if nothing else, I get on the elliptical to meet my goal, then often crawl into bed from there.

-Healthy, high fiber, high protein, clean food every day (often IBS is a complication of Fibro)

-Lots of water 64oz. per day. min.

-Supplement Vitamin D, and get outside more every day. I always have low vitamin D levels, and am tested twice a year. Who knows whether it’s the Arthritis or the Fibromyalgia that causes that deficiency.

Everyone should practice my routine, I know, but these simple things can be very challenging for me. When I feel bad, I want comfort food, not another helping of brussel sprouts (yeah, I love brussel sprouts, but they are not as much comfort as a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich followed by ice cream). When I feel bad, I do NOT want to go walk another 1600 steps because I haven’t moved much today, and I do not want 64 oz. of water if I’m not doing anything physically.

So, consistency. I have to do these minimum things every single day so that I do not continue to decline.

Have a consistent day my friends!


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2 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Cara

    Its great to see you tackling your health issues sensibly and recognising that you’re not always going to hit what your hoping to achieve, but there’s always tomorrow.

    How are you getting on with the Fitbit? I thought it would be a dad for me but I feel lost without it and it encourages me to get up off the chair.

    1. Thanks, if I go down, it will be kicking and screaming all the way! I really like The device. I call her FittyBitty! It’s too easy for me to think I have met my goal, only to find I’m 400 steps short for the day. I also love the sleep monitor. Gives me feedback and something real to review with my doctor when discussing the effectiveness of various sleep medications. Thanks so much for stopping by, can’t wait to see the new wall color!

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