A place to relax

Relaxing is not a strong point with me. I have to keep moving, to get it all done. That said, My family and I planted a place where we could come home and garden a bit in the evenings. It will serve 3 purposes, it will keep me outside “doing”, relax us, cause gardening does that, and provide tomatoes, peppers and pretty flowers!

This year, we installed a small (50 gallon) rainwater collection tank close by, so getting water to the garden will be much easier.

Our 2015 garden
Our 2015 garden

We added the cute little truck this year. The wheels spin, and the noise is supposed to keep the birds away. Last year, we lost almost all of our tomatoes to birds and the intense summer heat. This year, I am going to build a net with PVC and solar screening. I’ll post it once I get it sketched!

Have a great Monday, feel free to relax in my garden!



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