Just tell me what to do!

OMG, one of my co-workers just looked at my breakfast, one lonely hard boiled egg, and said, “If you are trying to trim down, you can’t eat that yolk!”

What, I can’t eat the yolk?

I’m crushed. I am trying so hard to eat the proper food each day. I don’t like egg whites. The only reason I eat the white is because it seems a waste to throw it away (I am NOT about wasting food).

Sigh. He is 38, and chiseled like Atlas himself, and he said I could have the yolk. Sigh.

Then I realized, he is right. I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing. I think I am eating right because of the calorie counts, but maybe I should be counting macros instead?

Will someone please just tell me what to eat everyday, for every meal? Tell me when and how to exercise, so that I look good and feel good. Will you come on over and help me stay on track too? How do I get this over 50 broken body where I want it?




3 thoughts on “Just tell me what to do!

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  2. It takes time to figure it out. I try to limit my carb intake to around 60 grams per day, but too often fall short. Put me on a deserted Island with this a dozen foods that I can eat and I would be happy, but tell me to eat just these 12 foods in the world we live in and I lose my mind.

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