Southern Style

I know, I hate to post pictures of food porn, but this and much, much more is what I face this weekend.

Easter meets Family Reunion, with more southern traditions than you can shake a stick (or fork in this case) at.

I know what I am, and what this is, so I’ll tell you this:

  • I WILL pick and choose which temptations to succumb to and which to be strong against.
  • I know I will eat things I shouldn’t, but I WILL do it on my terms!
  • I will NOT eat because I am bored.
  • I will NOT “try a bit of everything” (no one is really watching to see if I eat their potato salad)
  • I WILL increase my 5K minimum to 10K steps per day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • I WILL drink more than my minimum daily intake of water, currently 64oz.
  • I will NOT beat myself up if I follow these simple rules for the weekend!

Happy Easter folks!



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