How to Crank It Up!

Hi Everyone, time for an update if sorts.

I’m about 10 pounds down, with 10 more to go on my original goal of a 20 pound loss.  I’m not 20 anymore (or 30, or 40) so it doesn’t fall off, it have to be pushed, pull, beaten and cajoled off my bones!

I have a good rhythm on food. Four days camping meant a not-so-strict adherence to the diet, but no regrets, and I am back on track today!

After reviewing my FitBit tracker history, I have upped my daily step goal from 5k to 6k, minimum 3 miles a day. I think I can maintain 6k with a bit more effort! The chart shows my progress since January!


Although I really don’t feel particularly stronger, my endurance level has improved. I was able to ride my motorcycle for a 3 hour stretch yesterday. I haven’t been able to do that in a long while (and missed many club rides because of it), so I felt really good when it dawned on me that I hadn’t had a break in a while!

I also felt less anxiety about riding this trip. I love to ride, but as my health declined, so did my confidence.

My Fibromyalgia doctor changed my sleep medications last week in an effort for me to get more rest. I think it has helped both physically and mentally!

I need to continue with what I am doing now of course, but I am also looking for a very beginner way to start lifting a little weight. I think the added muscle will help me “crank-up” the metabolism, and improve balance. I do not think I am strong enough to restart T25, although it beckons me daily! Soon Shaun T, soon!

As a final note, I’ll add my Quit Meter;

2 years, 10 months, 30 days nicotine free!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!



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