Back on track, Dammit!

I have had a hard time of late. My migraines increased to daily and my pain meds and hormonal meds have gotten off track.
I am taking too much of the pain medication because I’m not getting any exercise and the pain is much worse. I quit taking the hormone meds because my insurance quit covering them, so what was $25 yesterday is $200 today.

I have gained 10 pounds (164.4 today).

Time to get back on track.

Here I am on day one. My intent was to get up at 5:00 a.m. and start T25 again, but was woken at 3:00 a.m. with another migraine.
I am treating the migraine, but am back on my diet today. I have been off of it for a while.

I am back to walking around the building to go to the restroom, so I can get my steps in. I left the FitBit at home today (product of the Migraine), but that will not keep me from getting all the extra steps I can.

After a healthy breakfast and lunch, I’m ready for a snack and healthy dinner.

Wish me luck!



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