List’s and Fibro

Everyone, please check out Wunderlist.

It’s live, so that anyone you share your list with, gets the update instantly.

I have grocery lists that I share with the entire family, that way no matter who stops, they have the very latest list. I have private lists that only my spouse and I share so that we can add Christmas and birthday gift ideas for our kid. I have a packing list, one for camping, one for the beach, one for every time I go anywhere, one for grandma’s house, etc. I have my personal to do list that I share with no one. I have a long range to do lists, like, “land tax is due in January”, and I set a reminder for December.

It is easy to use, intuitive and always with you. Each list can be shared with whoever you want. This little app helps me so much. I use the free version, but will gladly pay if they ever insist, lol.

If you can’t keep stuff in your head, this is the ultimate list!!!!


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