Reindeer Run 2017

118 1596 Cindy hill-cloyd F Round Rock TX US 44:48.34 44:35.67 14:23 55 39.1 5 F 50-59


Tonight, I ran my first race in 15 years, since the first of 3 hip surgeries, since my son was born, since fibro, since arthritis and migraines, and since starting Keto.
I am happy and grateful to be here experiencing this moment. I’m a bit sad too, because none of my friends or family could be here, and I could not have gotten here without their love and support. I would have loved to share this moment with them.

Catching up

"As beautiful and unique as the trees produced from, "Live Edge" refers to the unfinished natural edge of the wood under the bark after it is cut"

This graph represents my "Live Edge". It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does reflect the many ups and downs on this journey so far.

Getting healthy is not a fluid journey, it’s full of challenges, but those challenges make us stronger, more able to meet the next.