MCT Oil Article

I really like this article about MCT oils. It explains them quite well!


Apples anyone?

Apple and pear body shapes

This is me, the apple shaped one on the left. My apple wasn’t that big, but it was growing. I was 30 pounds overweight (now 20 lbs overweight).

My doctors didn’t tell my I had Metabolic Syndrome, but I did.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure (yes, been taking BP meds for years), high blood sugar, (99 consistently, always pre-diebetic), excess body fat around the waist, (the very first place I gain weight) and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels (my total was always great, but by “bad” was always high).

This is helpful to know because it explains why at 55 and menopausal I have been unable to lose any weight. Week after week I starved myself on a DASH diet and exercised as much as I could, only to lose nothing.

With my Keto Diet, I am starting to see progress. My BP is coming down and my energy may be increasing (still holding out for more!) I have not had a migraine since I started July 6th.

Those few things are enough to keep me motivated!!!

Keto teeth?

Hi, has anyone noticed an improvement in the health of your teeth?

The first 2 weeks, my teeth seemed to get really scaly on the backs, like an outbreak of plaque. But at over 3 weeks, my teeth feel much smoother. The plaque build up is disappearing, and my teeth are whiter. That at least is my perception.

I had noticed the smoother feel, but not the whitening until my spouse asked me if I had gotten a whitening kit from the dentist.


Stuck like Chuck

Oh my. I had forgotten just how nauseous Savella makes me. Feeling dizzy too. Wow, I really am struggling to keep it together!
Here is a question. Normally, I would have a cracker and ginger ale, or a slice of bread to settle my stomach. What can I have that’s keto friendly?

I haven’t missed bread much, so haven’t felt compelled to make any keto bread, but maybe I should, at least for moments like this.

I did not eat any breakfast, just Bulletproof coffee. I made it without HWC today, just in case dairy might upset my stomach more.
I’m at work and deadlines won’t let me go home, so I think I’ll take a few minutes to go lay in the car.

Wish me luck,


Day 13 of the keto diet (171.6 lbs)

I had a man explain to me on Facebook last night that the diet was keto not Keto and that it didn’t matter what you ate as long as your macros are intact. He was one of those nice fellows whom everyone in the group adores and defended vehemently when I suggested that eating grains was not in line with a keto diet. The group follows him because he is a nice guy that tells them they can have grains and rice and ice cream on their keto diets. Anyway, he browbeat me until I quit the group.

The group was helpful at times when I had a question, but it was also frustrating with the number of people asking “Can I have this chocolate cake?” or “Can I have Pizza on Tuesday nights and not get kicked out of keto?” (as if it were a club). It was obvious that 80% of those that started asking questions had never read the intro material provided by the group’s admin. I looked for another group and found one more suited to my age, but haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m not sure that I need one anyway since my situation is so unique.

The Fibro gets harder and harder to deal with. I am drinking one bulletproof coffee and one 5 HourEnergy every morning to try and get fog lifted to get through the day. My focus is almost gone. I am still holding out hope for the keto diet. After I become fat-adapted (after 3-4 weeks) keto dieters have energy and mental clarity. If the keto can drown out he Fibro maybe I will too. I have every finger crossed for this.

If not…I am going to talk to my doctor about Memantine (Namenda) for the fog. If that doesn’t work….well, then we may be talking disability. I fear my cognitive ability has reduced to the point of not being able to do my job much longer.

I am also thinking of adding these two supplements to my diet.

  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine

I also used to take Savella. I am going to start taking it again tomorrow. I remember it really helping long ago, but my stomach became intolerant of it, so I stopped. I’m willing to try the stomach again..anything to lift the veil.


Ketones and Coffee

Day 3 Ketogenic diet

I weighed-in this morning, and much to my surprise, I was another 2 pounds down. I think this part of the process is still shedding water weight. However, I am showing trace amounts of ketones this morning on the test strip, so I expect some of the weight loss to be fat soon.

I wasn’t hungry this morning, so I opted for Bulletproof Coffee from Whole Foods.

I also purchased Onnit MCT Oil to add to my coffee in the mornings. There is a ton of info on the web (look here) about MCT oil and Ketogenics so check it out. I’m a real rookie at this diet, so feel free to comment about your experiences too.

I am really hoping that two of the heavily promoted benefits of the MCT oil, mental clarity and energy, are effective for me and improve my fibromyalgia symptoms.

Have a great day!




So, this simple recipe makes a fast and healthy lunch! I started making this when I got really tired of the same old salad every day.

HEB Power Slaw

2 Tablespoons Newman’s Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette

Sweet Sue’s Chicken Breast pouch

Salt and pepper to taste


That’s it. You can sub any slaw mix (I like this one because if has kale and Brussel sprouts)and low fat dressing, and I often use Starkist Tuna instead of chicken.

I eat this a LOT, because it’s tasty, has lots of texture and is very healthy!




As you will see by my soon to come updates, I have been working on me.

I am now pressing hard to work out daily, and to eat right daily. Yeah, I don’t always make it, but, you gotta try, right?

My spouse has had some major health issues this year, and was recently told that she was “this close to being totally disabled”.

This was a wake up call for me. I realized that I had a choice. I could do all I can to get stronger, to take care of myself so that I can take care of this family, or a could wither, struggling to take care of myself, much less the challenges she will face. My son is only a teen, and I don’t want to put him in the situation to take care of us both, so I had to stand up.

My game plan is to beat the Fibro, the arthritis and hip surgeries. To beat the migraines and the high blood pressure. I need to be strong enough to take care of a sick wife, to spend long hours in the hospital at her bedside, and still have the strength to smile through homework help with the kiddo.

Basically, I need to get my cape out of storage, get it ironed, and learn to wear it, full time!

I know lots of you do this very thing, day after day. You have ill spouses, special needs children, mothers and father who don’t know who you are anymore. You work your asses off every day to bring light.

I read your stories, I cry with you. I also learn from you.

I learn how to be strong from you too. Since I have started working out, I have met lots of strong men and women who’s stories would break your heart, and yet, they lift me up, and I learn how to live grace, and how to be the strength my family needs.

So, this is where you find me today. Let’s move forward together, stronger, smarter and healthier.


Southern Style

I know, I hate to post pictures of food porn, but this and much, much more is what I face this weekend.

Easter meets Family Reunion, with more southern traditions than you can shake a stick (or fork in this case) at.

I know what I am, and what this is, so I’ll tell you this:

  • I WILL pick and choose which temptations to succumb to and which to be strong against.
  • I know I will eat things I shouldn’t, but I WILL do it on my terms!
  • I will NOT eat because I am bored.
  • I will NOT “try a bit of everything” (no one is really watching to see if I eat their potato salad)
  • I WILL increase my 5K minimum to 10K steps per day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • I WILL drink more than my minimum daily intake of water, currently 64oz.
  • I will NOT beat myself up if I follow these simple rules for the weekend!

Happy Easter folks!