Hate the Sin

Don’t think for a moment this is about money. You can post all the Viagra statistics you want.

It’s best if we all just admit what this is all about.

The truth is, those that hate, or fear, or loathe, or feel disgust, or feel that they have been forced to accept something that galls them, or accept something that is against their personal religious beliefs, those people are now in power.

Those people simply don’t feel that America has progressed to this point, they feel that America has degenerated to this point.

Remember that.

Trans people, I am sorry. I am sorry that you have to suffer under the new regime, but this is just the beginning.

If you do not sleep with the right sex, if you do not wear the right clothes, if you do not worship in the right church, if your skin is not the right color, if your bottom line is not six figures, if you cannot afford health care from your own pocket, you are going to suffer.

They will use our newly minted marriage licenses to find us and single us out. They will make hate OK. They will stir large crowds with big sticks, urging them to “Make America Great Again”. Those people will suffer too, they just don’t know it yet. Their rights will be taken away, but they won’t care, because they will be whipped into a frenzy of “Hate the (insert your favorite group to hate here)”, and they will make whatever sacrifice is necessary to Make America Great Again.

For those in power, it’s time. It’s time to go back in time, to 1952 where America was White, Christian and Male.

Although this has nothing to do with how much money we spend on Trans people in the military, the sheep following the wolves will believe it does. They will be instantly resentful that our country, their hard earned dollars, are spent on any queers in the military. Homosexuals in the military need to now beware because the ignorant do not differentiate between LBGTQ, they only know Queer, that the next step, once the hate is fully ingrained, is kicking the queers out too. If you are a queer in the military and think, “They can’t/won’t do this to me”, look around your unit. They accept you because they are told to. They will reject you when they are told to. That’s what they are trained to do.

Friends, this is not about money, and it never was, it is about hate.

Marriage Equality in Texas

My wife and I were legally married Oct 2013 in Iowa.

I signed my marriage license with my new name.

When we returned to Texas, I learned I could not change my name here without a court order. I am holding out for the day I can change my name in Texas because I was married in Iowa.
Friends, you may dance at my Name Change Celebration as soon as Texas recognizes my legal marriage.

I know there is a lot of opposition to gay marriage. I’ve even heard people compare our marriages to marrying animals.

You, your religion, your church, and your family dictates what rules you follow. I respect that, and expect you to respect my rules, even though they are different from yours. My rules include same sex marriage. You marry whom you want, and I will marry who I want.

I am hoping for the right to do that in June.

Yesterday, this happened: