Migraine Prophylactic

I mentioned a migraine prophylactic recently to a friend and was going to send her here to get the info. I thought I had posted this long ago, but it seems I didn’t.

This mix is on the advise of my neurologist. It served me well, mostly. My biggest trigger, estrogen spike, was only completely eliminated by menopause, and even the first year of that was a roller coaster ride.

I would suggest trying it for 30 days. It’s one of those things that couldn’t hurt.

Remember, I’m not a doctor, this is just something that helped me. If you’re allergic to anything here, don’t take it. If you are already taking some of these things, don’t double up.

B2 – 200 mg

Magnesium – 200 mg – Skip past the ads and read about which type might be best for you.

CoQ10 – 100 mg

Butterbur – 100 mg

Feverfew – 100 mg

Because my migraines were so frequent, my doctor added a beta blocker, Propranolol. But try these for a month first.

You might need to ease into the magnesium if it gives you loose stools. You don’t have to quit it, just split the dose to 100 mg in the morning, and 100 mg at night. It doesn’t bother me at all, because some of my other meds have the opposite effect. (grimace)

This combination eliminated a lot of my migraines with unknown triggers. It also eased some known triggers. I could have a glass of wine or a bit of chocolate with out intense pain.

I put this out there with the same spirit that most of my other posts carry, with the hope that it will help someone else!!!


Apples anyone?

Apple and pear body shapes

This is me, the apple shaped one on the left. My apple wasn’t that big, but it was growing. I was 30 pounds overweight (now 20 lbs overweight).

My doctors didn’t tell my I had Metabolic Syndrome, but I did.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure (yes, been taking BP meds for years), high blood sugar, (99 consistently, always pre-diebetic), excess body fat around the waist, (the very first place I gain weight) and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels (my total was always great, but by “bad” was always high).

This is helpful to know because it explains why at 55 and menopausal I have been unable to lose any weight. Week after week I starved myself on a DASH diet and exercised as much as I could, only to lose nothing.

With my Keto Diet, I am starting to see progress. My BP is coming down and my energy may be increasing (still holding out for more!) I have not had a migraine since I started July 6th.

Those few things are enough to keep me motivated!!!


As you will see by my soon to come updates, I have been working on me.

I am now pressing hard to work out daily, and to eat right daily. Yeah, I don’t always make it, but, you gotta try, right?

My spouse has had some major health issues this year, and was recently told that she was “this close to being totally disabled”.

This was a wake up call for me. I realized that I had a choice. I could do all I can to get stronger, to take care of myself so that I can take care of this family, or a could wither, struggling to take care of myself, much less the challenges she will face. My son is only a teen, and I don’t want to put him in the situation to take care of us both, so I had to stand up.

My game plan is to beat the Fibro, the arthritis and hip surgeries. To beat the migraines and the high blood pressure. I need to be strong enough to take care of a sick wife, to spend long hours in the hospital at her bedside, and still have the strength to smile through homework help with the kiddo.

Basically, I need to get my cape out of storage, get it ironed, and learn to wear it, full time!

I know lots of you do this very thing, day after day. You have ill spouses, special needs children, mothers and father who don’t know who you are anymore. You work your asses off every day to bring light.

I read your stories, I cry with you. I also learn from you.

I learn how to be strong from you too. Since I have started working out, I have met lots of strong men and women who’s stories would break your heart, and yet, they lift me up, and I learn how to live grace, and how to be the strength my family needs.

So, this is where you find me today. Let’s move forward together, stronger, smarter and healthier.


Water Water Everywhere

I was ignoring my work to read blog posts when I read this: You forgot to drink water, Dumb Ass!

I realized that I am not drinking any water! I probably had all of 10 ounces yesterday all way. Granted, most of the day was spent with a migraine. They make me nauseous, so I drink or eat little. That is a bad thing, because dehydration and migraines do NOT go together.

So, you drink more water, and so will I!!!


Diet Post

Hi Everyone,

Last week was supposed to be about artificial sweeteners, but I didn’t focus very well on that.  I focused primarily on my anniversary and left the rest to take care of itself.

Of course, the effort I put in is a direct correlation to the results I get out, and last weeks effort was plenty obvious! ;-(

For anniversary, and it was a simply wonderful anniversary, I indulged in food and drink that I had given up 3 months ago. The scale wasn’t the worse indicator of this indulgence. The migraine Friday (the first since I went on this diet) was the final straw to prove there are just some foods and drink I need to stay away from, regardless of weight loss. The bigger health picture suffered.

The great news about this week was my meeting with my doctor, who says, because of the weight I have lost and the efforts I have put in to this point, I can start reducing certain medications that I have to take on a daily basis. I have to do this under his supervision, but I am on track.

If you ever watch shows like The Biggest Loser, you see most of the time people can improve their health tremendously by losing weight and exercising regularly. This is one of my biggest goals of 2014, to reduce or eliminate a lot of the medications I have to take, especially those for high blood pressure.

This weeks focus is going to be to simply tighten up my calorie counting and see some results. Weight wise, this week was a break even, with no loss or gain.

Hope you all have a great week on the scale!



Hi Everyone!

If you are reading, thanks for hanging in there!

Lots of good news today.

My Quit meter is 1 year, 0 months and 2 days. Yep, that is a huge milestone for me! I didn’t do anything to celebrate. My spouse has fallen off the wagon and didn’t really want to hear much about it. I did post it on Facebook, and got a lot of kudos! The celebrations don’t matter. Just happy to be free!

Still chipping away at those bills. I racked up a few more between January and now over the high blood pressure and hormone crisis, but those have been paid off, as is my car, so we get to refocus now on snowballing those bigger debts. The kid is getting more expensive, lol. Football , basketball and camps. He has also developed the taste for a game called Magic: The Gathering. It is all OK. He is smarter than the both of us, pulling straight A’s again this semester. He is also sweet and polite and a joy to be around every day for me, and I think he’s happy. He has always been a “still waters run deep” kid, but yeah, I think he’s happy.

Last doctors appointment I weighted in at 178.2 pounds. Too big! I know, I keep saying I’m going to do something, but this time I did. I started working out Sunday, both my spouse and I. We get up every morning at 5:30 and do a The Biggest Loser Wii game workout. So far, it has been the “light” workout, and it’s kicking our butts. lol.  Just lets you know how bad of shape we are both in! 😉

I have also been eating a lot better. No soda at all, cutting back on caffeine, better quality food.  My spouse makes us smoothies every morning after exercise with frozen mixed fruit, protein powder and soy milk. My boss has banned us from eating inside the building at all, so that helps me cut down on snacks.

Migraines have been very few and far between since taking the blood pressure medicine Verapamil, and my blood pressure has moved down to 130/85. I hope with the good eating, weight loss and added exercise that it will return to normal and I can get off the meds. Although, the migraine prevention aspect of the one medication will motivate me to keep taking it!

it’s time

Well, it’s been a while.

Happy news first. My quit meter is 11 months 5 days.

The bad news, my partner started smoking again about a month ago. I have reall y put my foot down, and am working hard on her to quit again.

The rest of the bad news? I have let myself fall apart since January 1st.
I have gained a LOT of weight, now up to 176. My blood pressure went up to a crazy 160/100 consistently, and the migraines got horrible.

I have taken a few positive steps.
Although our insurance changed to a horrible plan, I have been to the doctor a lot this year, trying to get things straightened out.
I am now taking 2 blood pressure meds. One help with migraines (an has reduced them a lot). The other has a diuretic.  I am maintaining about 130/80 now. I still don’t know what has caused this. Although the stress is high, my colesteral is crazy low.
I also started full time progesterone and estrogen to get my hormones back in line.
I think the fibro is well controlled, with flares every 2-3 weeks. I am having a lot of problems with my right knee, but I’m not ready yet to deal with it. After losing oth hips, i’m still not ready to be told the knee is gone, so I’ll continue to baby it.

What needs to happen now, is a lifestyle change. I need to go on a diet and find some sort of exercise program my body can handle.

my problem is both time and motivation. I just found time tonight, found?, no made time tonight to paint my toenails. Something I have been trying to get done for 4 weeks. Sigh.

So, bear with me, here we go, a 51 year ol woman trying to find herself once again!

Wish me luck!


Fibro and…

I mentioned fibromyalgia and GERD in an earlier post.
What about the connection between fibromyalgja and the menstrual cycle? I know that many men are diagnosed with fibro, so it cannot be exclusive, but there is a connection. I mentioned to my doctor that flares were much worse with my period. He told me a lot of women had similar issues.  I didn’t pay much attention to that until i saw a Facebook post from a fibro site asking that very question.
My flares are bad during that time. Before i knew there was a connection, i asked my GYN if it was possible to have indometrial tissue throughout the body. It made sense to me at the time, because i have indrometriosis, but she said no. The tissue does grow outside the uterus, but not that far outside.
I have also discovered one of my most frequent migraine triggers is the rapid drop of progesterone right before i start. I KNOW this, but again the GYN suggests more Vicodin.
So, how to make it better?
My rheumatologist doesn’t have any suggestion for handling the hormone reaction, and my GYN simply suggested more Vicodin, really???
Some women who responded to the Facebook query said the had, for one reason or another, had hysterectomies and their fibro symptoms were greatly reduced.
Should i consider a hysterectomy to reduce both fibro and migraine issues? Hell, I’m 50 years old, how much longer do i have to wait? Have any of you done this?
Maybe a bit radical? How about an ablation? Same result, simpler procedure. I’m scared to think about hormone therapies. I have never had good results with birth control to regulate hormone levels, and being a recent x smoker, i’m not anxious to try them.

Please feel free to respond if you like, and especially if you can relate to any of this. I would love to get more proactive with this, but i really do need to sound like i know what i’m talking about when i see the doctor, not some old lady whining about her migraine/fibro haunted periods. Wait…oh yeah, I know, but i have to sound much tougher than i feel. Lol!

Summer Mornings


I wanted to share the view from my kitchen window.  It drew my attention. I call it, tomatoes ripening on a window sill. LOL!

Today is a good day. I am tender and sore and moving slow.

I have had a migraine for the past two days and last night was the worst. Fortunately,  I do not have to work today,  so there is some recovery time.  It is still there just a little, the migraine, but I’m hoping this is the end of it. Sometimes, it will get really small like this, just to return later. Can’t let this migraine have any more of my time!!! I didn’t even get to see my kiddo last night, as my head was packed in ice packs, and I was heavily medicated.

I’m going to think positively though, and enjoy this day. I have a lot to do today!