Groin, Pelvic and Thigh Pain

The Wellness Digest Adductor Magnus Muscle: Groin, Pelvic and Thigh Pain

The adductor magnus muscle contributes to pain down the front and inside of the thigh.
I share this picture because it describes best the recent pain I have been having. This link gives you a lot of info about it.

Holy Moly, this site has exactly what I needed! I’m glad I found the info here, I was trying to imagine the doctor visit. “Doc, I don’t know what I’ve done, but it hurts HERE!” The gesturing alone would be a complete embarrassment, lol!

I have been working my marathon training program since August, but due to muscle atrophy, I’m a very slow study. I’m putting in the work with 20-25 miles a week walking/running, but it’s slow hard work.

One of my greatest deficiencies are hills. I can keep up with my walking group on the downhill and flat, but the hills slow me to a crawl every time. To help improve, I have added stairs to my daily rituals. We have a single flight in my office building so I started this week climbing them many times a day. I noticed a few days ago my thighs were getting really sore. I didn’t think much of it, something always huts on my body, until this morning my groin was sore too. After a little searching, The Wellness Digest helped me figure it out!

So, I’m going to try these YouTube solutions to strengthening my Adductor Magnus!!!

How to rehab your adductor magnus

How to stretch your adductor magnus

I also realized I felt more comfortable walking in my leggings this week. It’s because compression they provide help to support the adductor magnus.

I am going to be pushing this pretty hard, as I only have 3 weeks training left before the taper!



Catching Up – Training Nutrition Plan

Time to play catch-up on my posting.

Holidays were good with great family and wonderful friends!

Got off Keto a bit, but back on now!

The races are getting closer. I am walk/running every day now. At least 2 miles, at most 6 during the week. Weekend training still with USA Fit Walking Program and still loving it!
I started a Streak on January 3rd to walk/run every day without fail.

The streak is alive!!

Trying to figure out nutrition for the long hall. We are talking 7 hours on the road on race day! Keto athletes insist I only need to trickle carbs during the race, so I am going to try that this weekend for my 14-mile training run.

They have recommended Ucan before the race. (Ucan is expensive, so I am trying a homemade recipe I found on the net. Claire at The Planted Runner posted a recipe I’m going to try instead of the UCan. I’m calling it FauxCan)


This is my current plan:

  • Normal Keto meals Thursday or Friday.
  • Normal BPC on the way to the meeting-up area.
  • For this weekends 14 miler, I’m mixing one pre-run FauxCan and one for 2 hours in. The run should be no more than 4 hours or faster. I’m also making deluded electrolyte (Nuun) for my Hydration pack instead of water. (2 Nuun in 2 liters)
  • I will pack a few Quest Hero bars for “food”
  • The last hat trick (and the strangest to me) is Smarties. Bought a bag this morning.
  • Advice from another keto runner, Pack Gels just in case. (Thanks Sharon!)


Marathon Race Day:

  • Normal Keto meals Friday and Saturday.
  • Normal BPC on the way to the meet-up area.
  • Sunday morning drink – FauxCan. For the race, I’m mixing 3 bottles. One pre-race, one 2.5 hours in, one 5 hours in. (If you have any feedback on this, please speak up!)
  • Quest Hero bars for “food”
  • Smarties.
  • Roctane for the second half.

I think this concludes food prep for long runs and race day.


11 December, 2017 15:19

Be somebody nobody thought you could be! – Unknown

THIS is when the training starts! Chrissie Wellington

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.”– Ross Perot


Tonight, I ran my first race in 15 years, since the first of 3 hip surgeries, since my son was born, since fibro, since arthritis and migraines, and since starting Keto.
I am happy and grateful to be here experiencing this moment. I’m a bit sad too, because none of my friends or family could be here, and I could not have gotten here without their love and support. I would have loved to share this moment with them.

Catching up

"As beautiful and unique as the trees produced from, "Live Edge" refers to the unfinished natural edge of the wood under the bark after it is cut"

This graph represents my "Live Edge". It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does reflect the many ups and downs on this journey so far.

Getting healthy is not a fluid journey, it’s full of challenges, but those challenges make us stronger, more able to meet the next.

Motivational speech

I gave a motivational speech to a stranger today.

I hope she hears me. Here it is in case you need to hear me.

Just get to work.

No gimmicks, no fancy products, just work.

Quit sugar, all types (yes I mean fruit too) and grain (yes, I mean all grain) and buckle down. Make it your main focus.

Don’t flirt with bad or processed food.

Don’t entertain thoughts of skipping a workout, dig your heels in and work.

Don’t make any excuses. “I have to make my child’s lunch, I can’t cut all that fruit without eating any”, “I have to have something sweet or I get migraines”…those were just some of my excuses. Many more of my excuses revolved around my disabilities and how I managed them (or how I failed to manage).

Remember, a healthy body is made in the kitchen. Strict eating will pay for itself with more energy!!! Yep, it’s not unusual to feel deprived and crappy the first two weeks, but after that, you will feel better and stronger, and better able to stay strong. I have been on my perfect diet since July 6th. I have cheated, yes I have, twice. I’ve learned my lesson and moved on.

Is it hard? YES. Am I tougher that it is hard? You bet your ass I am.

It has taken strict food management, medication management, hard exercise and pushing the limits of my disabilities to begin to get better, healthier and stronger.

I expect I will always have to work this hard. That’s ok, the alternative is simply not acceptable.

Go kick some ass!


Quick Run Stats

I am currently averaging a pace of 17. I have to get down to 15 to be able to finish in 7 hours, this marathon’s cut off for a finisher medal.

I walk 5 plus miles a day 4 days a week and long walks on Saturdays.

Tomorrow’s long walk is 9 miles. My pace improves greatly on my Saturday walks with a big training group, but I still struggle after 5 miles.

I went from sedentary to training for this, and have been sedentary since my last hip 5 years ago, so I have a LOT of strength to build in short order!

More soon,


Heart, Lungs, Gallbladder or Esophagus – Roulette, medical style!

I was prompted to do this update by a nice lady named Kelley in my Keto Facebook group:

I had a gallbladder ultrasound yesterday, and a gut bacteria test (the one that causes ulcers. Not the test, the bacteria lol).

I will have a nuclear scan (Hida Scan) on Friday of the gallbladder function and Chest CT to check my lungs. I thinks the lung scan is mostly because I am a former smoker. Also seeing a cardiologist on Monday for an ekg and whatever he dreams up.

We are not yet convinced it’s my gut, so trying to rule everything out. The chest pain has been going on long before I started keto. I had an ultrasound 2 years ago on the gallbladder. At the time, the PA told me the results were fine. The Doctor looking at those 2 year old tests yesterday said that there actually was a problem with my gallbladder 2 years was spongy (google won’t explain that to me).

All of my symptoms, GERD, chest pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and pain under the right rib cage have been going on long before keto.
I made yesterday’s appointment 9 months ago. Took this long to see my gastroenterologist. My fibro doctor saw me last week, said it wasn’t costochondritis, suggested to see a cardiologist and gastro (I had already had the gastro appointment set)

Hopefully by this time next week I will know what’s going on. Knowing me, it will be one giant gas bubble and I will feel better when I burp! (with a fibro history, I’m used to doctors shrugging their shoulders and going, “Hmm, must be fibro”)


The doctor is trying to figure out what’s going on. Current players are heart, esophagus or gallbladder. Symptoms these past 2 weeks have been very painful, so I have been taking it easy and pushing when I can. Plus exams and tests are wearing me out. Missed most of work today because of it. And, I got a flu shot this morning that is so sore ai cannot lift my left arm.