Keto teeth?

Hi, has anyone noticed an improvement in the health of your teeth?

The first 2 weeks, my teeth seemed to get really scaly on the backs, like an outbreak of plaque. But at over 3 weeks, my teeth feel much smoother. The plaque build up is disappearing, and my teeth are whiter. That at least is my perception.

I had noticed the smoother feel, but not the whitening until my spouse asked me if I had gotten a whitening kit from the dentist.



As you will see by my soon to come updates, I have been working on me.

I am now pressing hard to work out daily, and to eat right daily. Yeah, I don’t always make it, but, you gotta try, right?

My spouse has had some major health issues this year, and was recently told that she was “this close to being totally disabled”.

This was a wake up call for me. I realized that I had a choice. I could do all I can to get stronger, to take care of myself so that I can take care of this family, or a could wither, struggling to take care of myself, much less the challenges she will face. My son is only a teen, and I don’t want to put him in the situation to take care of us both, so I had to stand up.

My game plan is to beat the Fibro, the arthritis and hip surgeries. To beat the migraines and the high blood pressure. I need to be strong enough to take care of a sick wife, to spend long hours in the hospital at her bedside, and still have the strength to smile through homework help with the kiddo.

Basically, I need to get my cape out of storage, get it ironed, and learn to wear it, full time!

I know lots of you do this very thing, day after day. You have ill spouses, special needs children, mothers and father who don’t know who you are anymore. You work your asses off every day to bring light.

I read your stories, I cry with you. I also learn from you.

I learn how to be strong from you too. Since I have started working out, I have met lots of strong men and women who’s stories would break your heart, and yet, they lift me up, and I learn how to live grace, and how to be the strength my family needs.

So, this is where you find me today. Let’s move forward together, stronger, smarter and healthier.


FittyBitty and The Abascal Way

I really like this little thing, and the software that goes with it. I got it for Christmas, and we are finally beginning to relate!

I have decided after a year of the Abascal Way that I need to modify it. I do believe it has helped a lot with various types of inflammation, but it isn’t helping me lose weight. Primarily because you can eat as much as you want. Well, that for one reason or another has me “maintaining” weight. Not much excitement after the initial big weight drop. Some say that I’m at the weight I’m supposed to be, but my jeans would argue with you about that.

So, no processed foods, but back to calorie counting. The thing I love about the FitBit, is if I lay around all day, it give me a smaller amount of a calorie allowance. If I work my butt off, it adjusts my allowed calories for the day, upward! Work more, eat more!

I love that I can make food and exercise choices that keep me burning more calories than I’m eating!


p.s. Now, I’ve lost my FittyBitty charger, and have to spend this pay periods allowance on a new one. Boooo. 😉

Happy New Year, 2 months late

Well, I’ve had my healthy lunch, and was just browsing blogs a bit and came across Big Jew on a Diet. I laughed at his most recent post about Justin Beiber’s dick, but after scrolling down a bit, I came to the same conclusion that he did.

I didn’t meet my weight loss goals last year.

Oh, I did for a time, but then as outside influences dragged me further and further off center, I let them. I made excuses, I did not always try my best, and here I am, fighting the same battles.

Here is a partial list of the goals I had for 2014:


Reach and maintain 145 pounds

Work out twice per week

Write 1 poem per month

Work on power of attraction

Find ways to be a better wife


Stop taking hydrocodone (almost there, maybe twice a month)

Wean off blood pressure meds (nope you read the post about Anaphylaxis?)

Wean off zolpedem

Start Toastmasters

Write thank you cards every time

Travel to switzerland (That one I did!)


Get raise (Did this!)

Make a gameplan for job growth or new job (and this!)

New resume

So, as you can see, I didn’t exactly nail it. I’m keeping this list and adding for 2015, Take a water color class.  I know, everyone else did this 2 months ago.

I get it, I’m just slow getting started this year. LOL.


just tired

I am writing this morning as I am late for work. I always seem to be running, so I put the brakes on, if only for a few minutes, to take a little writing therapy.

It’s really hard to diet right now. My motivation is low. My temperment is bla. I’m not really sure why. That is why I’m writing. I’m thinking, “maybe if I put it out there” it will be the little kick I need.

So, what can I do about this today? Hmmm.

1. Get off my butt, make a heakthy snack for later and get to the office!

2. Jump into everything at the office with great enthusiasm. Quit moping and whining and do this.

3. Come home tonight and GET ON THE ELLIPTICAL! Energy makes energy. Exercise clears the cobwebs and adjusts the attitude.

4. Get real sleep! That’s right, go to bed tired!!!

Alright everyone, have a great day. Let’s MOVE!!!!


This weeks weigh-in

Hi everyone,

This week’s weight was down, a little. Yep, .4 pounds.

Now, before you get discouraged by that, remember the hell I’ve been going through the last 2 weeks. Yep, There is a big difference between taking blood pressure medications and hormone meds. I just now feel as though I am myself again. I do not like me without my bio-identical hormones, and neither does my body. Just too much to take!

As I began to feel less frantic, I began to feel that I wasn’t so heavy. In reality, I did really well on diet last week, but the scale wouldn’t show it because of the incredible water retention. Boy, I have been miserable!

Now, i say I did well on diet last week, but two things I did just might have sabotaged me this week.

The first thing I did, the worst thing I did, was just for one night, just for a bit, I gave up. Saturday night, I had all the things that are not good for me, steak, baked potato, ranch dressing, sour creme. I’m over it now. I was really craving and old fashioned steak dinner and not that i have had it, I’m just fine!

The second thing I did was last night. yep, I grazed much too long at the Superbowl party buffet. ;-(

I do however, feel like i’m back on track, and ready to take on the week!

Hope your week is amazing!


Recipe: Overnight Choco-Oats

Good morning. This recipe looked great, so I wanted to share it. Have a great day!


Overnight Choco-Oats: This is the ultimate personally pre-packaged snack. In a container with a secure lid, mix ½ cup oats, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 3 tablespoons chocolate protein powder, and a handful of walnuts until well combined. Let sit in fridge overnight (or up to a few days). Need some extra sweetness? Add ½ a banana, mashed!