Giving it up for….me.


My goals have always included getting healthy enough to eliminate many of the medications I take.

Here is the thinking:

For High Blood Pressure: Improve general physical condition. Improve cardiovascular health. Reduce weight to 150 pounds.

Fibromyalgia: Improve general physical condition. This will reduce the amount and severity of flares. This would eliminate two daily medications, one of which can be taken as needed instead of daily. It would eliminate two blood pressure medications.

Degenerative Joint Disease: Improve general physical condition. Not much that can be done here, but better physical conditioning should help with the symptoms.

Both Fibro and DJD effect my sleep greatly. However, last Saturday (January 18th, 2014) I took the first step in this process and eliminated the sleep medication I take daily. This has been hard and I have not had a full night sleep since. I fall asleep, then wake up. It’s often 2-4 hours before I can sleep again. My doctor suggested melatonin to try to keep with something natural so I will get some of that soon.

Silent reflux: This one involves eating better, and not eating after a certain time of night. This will eliminate one medication.

That’s it (that’s enough!). Those are the medication goals for this year. I’ll check back here and update this page as I make progress towards these goals.


2017 Update:

These are still my goals, but I’ve learned that giving up some medication are a detriment to my health! I am starting a Keto diet in the hopes of better health!



2 thoughts on “Giving it up for….me.

  1. Way to go! You have a good set of goals there. It is also great that you recognize how much you can benefit by getting regular exercise and eating right. You are well on the way to success. Keep up the good work.

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