No Filters!

After my first ever marathon training class, I stopped to get donuts to make my son his annual birthday doughnut tower breakfast. I had not been in a doughnut shop or even seen a doughnut since starting my Ketogenic Diet on July 6th. Well, upon entering, I was immediately engulfed in the sugary intoxication that was the freshly made doughnuts. I vowed not to crumble, so began to breathe only through my mouth, not flirting with it, but shutting the aroma out! The swoon soon began to pass, I ordered my goods and was out the door. Later that evening, as my family marveled at my ability to abstain from the doughnuts, I suddenly and in a conspiratory whisper (yet loud enough for all to hear) proclaimed that it was much like how a sex addict would feel in a whorehouse. Mike drop. Apparently, Keto (or age) has swept away a few filters! LOL Jo


Working Hard!

An hour on the trail then an hour on the courts. Cool and crisp this morning.

Saturday’s walk is 5 miles. I’m just a little apprehensive about that. Going to work hard this week to make that happen.

Today is the day I register for the marathon.

Deep breath.

I talk the talk, but can I literally walk the walk?

Birthday weekend has been so fun with the man child.

Got the wife a new gun for her birthday yesterday. I think she is pleased!

I need new shoes.


For me, day 1

I had great times this morning, for me. Excitement got me full 3/4 of the way! Feet barely touched the ground. I’m already in love with it. I knew I would be.
Loved running downtown. Our city is truly alive at 7 am. Runners, walkers, skaters, and rowers filled the streets and the river. It was exhilarating to be amongst so many working so hard to be better, stronger, faster versions of themselves.

Side note, the old ladies smoked me on the trail!

Keto Facts, the hard truths

This is a high-fat diet because medium chain triglycerides markedly improve brain function and Ketosis trains your body to burn the fat that is stored on it.

I started this diet because I was at the end of my rope with Fibro Fog. What I didn’t know was that it would help both the fog and my pain, and my gut busting fatigue!!!

This diet is not for everyone, this diet is not easy and this diet is not for everyone. Did I say that twice? Good. Let me reiterate, this diet is not easy, this diet is work. It may require you to take magnesium, potassium and sodium supplements. The kind you buy over the counter at Sam’s Club or Walmart or Walgreen’s. Not the kind anyone else might try to sell you.

On this diet, your cholesterol levels may go up. Yep, but after six months or so, they are supposed to level out. I can’t confirm either of those things yet, as I get my blood work next month.

On this diet, you cannot cheat. NO sugar from ANY source, NO grains from any source. Yes, there are vegetables you may not eat because they are high carb and a ketogenic diet restricts, severely, carbs.

This is not a, “Oh, I think I’ll try a new diet to lose a few pounds diet”. This is a diet that takes work.

This is a diet that oncologists are putting their patients on to starve cancer cells. This is a diet that doctor put children on to control their epilepsy. This is a diet that doctors put Alzheimer and dementia patients on to stop cognitive loss. This diet is serious, last straw, I gotta get better diet or die trying diet. There are lots of websites and Facebook groups that will try to waste your time and money with products that claim to enhance this diet. They are all, every one, a sham. A true Ketosis diet (and I am not talking about a simple low carb diet, they are not the same) is nutrition based, not supplement based. I have added things that are food such as, coconut oils, avocado oils, MCT oils, etc. to improve my brain function.

This diet has helped me in two months more than anything I have tried. I have tried Paleo, dash, Adkins, Mediterranean and many other to supplement all the prescriptions the doctor has given me over the years.

I am not trying to sell you a thing. I am trying to GIVE you hope.

I agree that this is a state of emergency diet. I hope I have made that perfectly clear. I disagree that it is only a diabetic’s emergency. I will also tell you that IMO diabetics should NOT do this diet unless under doctors supervisions.

I will also tell you that IMO diabetics should NOT do this diet unless under doctors supervisions. Research will tell you the same thing. THE RESEARCH will tell you that people with liver and kidney function issues should not do this diet.

I will also tell you that the rest of us should not be eating the sugar and grains and inflammatory foods, and processed food that we eat. That I ate.

I get this diet has drawbacks. But don’t tell a cancer patient that they can’t have chemo because it’s bad for their body. Because the bad stuff may save them in the end!!!

I hope your fibro never ever gets to a point where you will try anything to stop it, because that’s where I am, and it sucks.


29 August, 2017 22:58

Every day that I feel good, I have to push, drive, make myself get stronger while I can. I don’t know if I’m getting better permanently or just for now. I’ll take these days I’m getting now, and I will try my very best to get better, to be better, until I can’t.

Bucket List, next up, Victory!

Wow. I have taken a step I never thought I would get to take. With Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Arthritis, Metallosis and bi-lateral hip replacements, I never thought I would get to try something like this ever again.

I have started the USA Fit Marathon Walking class! Yep, 22 weeks of training until I walk the Austin Marathon in February. The class is official, but the marathon itself is not. I will register for it on September 10th if nothing changes by then. I’m using the time between now and then to make sure that this is actually possible.

I had become almost immobile over the past year. Even small amounts of daily exercise resulted in terrible fibro flares, causing pain and fibro fog. Even while dealing with that, I was wrapping my head in ice and taking meds with bad side effects to fight the next migraine. The fibro fog was so bad I was considering quitting work and filing for disability, a severe hardship to my family, but it was so bad that driving, thinking, managing people and designing were becoming impossible. Home wasn’t much better, and my spouse took on more and more responsibility with the household and our teen son, and I faded further away.

Then came the day for the last ditch effort to get better. My search started with a way to improve brain function. I could deal with he pain, I had for years, but the reduced cognitive function was going to destroy me. Unable to think straight, unable to participate in so much, I began to sink into a depressed state as well, almost giving up. I began to search everything about brain function, dementia, Alzheimer, ADD, and anything else I could find. It was hard. Hard to understand the science in my condition, but I started figuring it out.

July 6th, 2017, just a few short weeks ago, I started a strict Ketogenic diet. It was hard at first, seeming to get worse the first week with what they call Keto Flu, but it passed. This diet extols the benefits of improved brain function, and I wanted it to work, bad! So far, I am very happy. I have done other things too to improve my symptoms, and am in the process of writing everything up and calling it Jo’s Fibro Protocol. I’ll post it here soon.

I am pinching myself now, because this is a dream. I am doing the impossible. I am walking 3 miles a day, and doing Yoga and Pilates. I am going out in the evenings with my family. Saturday, I walked three miles and did 20 minutes of fit yoga, an hour and a half of movement, I did chores at home, took an hour long nap, did more chores, made dinner, and then went with friends and family to Dave and Busters. We were out until midnight.

It did not cost me my entire Sunday and Monday from the inevitable fibro flare. I got up Sunday, did more chores, walked 2 miles and was active the rest of they day, only collapsing into be after a very satisfying Game of Thrones! Today is Tuesday, and I still feel fine. Eager to walk my three miles tonight.

Fibro fog is not yet gone, but it is much better. I can think again! I’m getting better quality sleep.

I am in a dream now, and almost scared to say this, but I am getting better! I want you too as well!

Peace, jo

List’s and Fibro

Everyone, please check out Wunderlist.

It’s live, so that anyone you share your list with, gets the update instantly.

I have grocery lists that I share with the entire family, that way no matter who stops, they have the very latest list. I have private lists that only my spouse and I share so that we can add Christmas and birthday gift ideas for our kid. I have a packing list, one for camping, one for the beach, one for every time I go anywhere, one for grandma’s house, etc. I have my personal to do list that I share with no one. I have a long range to do lists, like, “land tax is due in January”, and I set a reminder for December.

It is easy to use, intuitive and always with you. Each list can be shared with whoever you want. This little app helps me so much. I use the free version, but will gladly pay if they ever insist, lol.

If you can’t keep stuff in your head, this is the ultimate list!!!!